Character Tracking:Erik

By: Halle Baker

Erik football Dream Page- 12-28 and 233

The Erik football dream is every time consuming because Erik's dad is very all about that topic. So he will turn any conversation about him. The affect on Paul is that his dad really dose not even know any thing about his soccer team. " What position did i play when i get to play in the game? " " How am i supposed to know that?"

Erik hitting Luis pages- 211-212 and 244

Erik and Arthur hit Luis in the face with the blackjack. " whipped the blackjack around with aloud whack against the side of Luis's head." Now on Tuesday, November 28th " Luis Cruz is dead." When Erik hits Luis Paul has to think whether to tell his parents or keep it a secret. He decides to keep it a secrets. Now Luis has died Paul has to re-think him telling his parents. Paul feels like Luis dying is his fault.

Erik Stealing Pages- 277-281

Erik and Arthur are stealing from tinted houses. The houses had no people living in them because they were getting sprayed for termites so the people did not realize there stuff was gone until they go back home. " It was a list of items, items that had been stolen form houses i Lake Windsor Downs, as compiled by the Tangerine County Sheriff's Department. There were notations like ( this next quotation it still part of the text evidence) "Rolex watch, $900, recovered" and "Pearls, antique $500, not recovered."

Erik did it , and Paul payed Pages 211-212 and 244

So now that Luis is dead they all blame Paul. They all blame Paul because he was there to see it and did not tell Erik to stop. When Victor and Tino went to go and "talk" the Erik they tried to beat him up. This affects Paul because he is the one that has to pay for Erik's doing.

Becoming friends with Arthur Page- 30

Erik becoming friends with Arthur was a really bad choice because he is more mean then he has been in a long time. Erik has been really bad and an bad example to Paul. He also had a really bad affect on Paul because he now hod to face two big guys because of him.