K-2 Team Newsletter

April 20, 2020

Principal's Message

We have received word that schools will be closed for the rest of the school year and so we will continue with our distance learning plan. During these uncertain times, it will be more important than ever for us to focus on self-care. I am sure the news, while expected, still weighs heavily on all of our hearts and minds. As we continue to process what all of this means for us as humans and educators, it is also very important to think about how we can make the best out of our virtual world to enjoy each other, our families and scholars during this time. Check-out the tips below to support your mental health during Covid-19 and coping with extended school closures and stay at home orders.

  • Create and maintain routine: Schedule your time, take breaks, maintain a routine sleep schedule, take advantage of sleep hygiene techniques, and consider writing out your schedule then sharing with a friend or family member to increase accountability. The absence of your typical routine gives you an opportunity to develop a new routine.

  • Engage in mindful awareness practices: When we experience stress, we may find our minds “racing,” often with unhelpful thoughts. These thoughts can lead to more stress, catching us in quite a loop. Break the pattern—make a firm plan to practice mindfulness. Sit quietly and allow the body to breathe deeply (full inhales in, full exhales out), then gently invite your mind to return from the races and join you in the present moment as you sit and breathe. Invite your mind back kindly as many times as needed. Repeat the practice daily for 10 to 15 minutes or more.

  • Maintain exercise and physical activity: Be creative with your workouts. Check out YouTube, fitness apps or your local gym for free online classes. Get outside when you can while maintaining social distancing.

  • Balance nutrition: Cut yourself some slack and indulge in cravings, but balance this with nutritional foods. Good nutrition supports your immune system. Ask for help if you’re concerned about food insecurity.

  • Set boundaries for social media consumption: Stay informed but set appropriate limits; know the facts, but avoid catastrophic and all-or-nothing thinking.

  • Social distance, but connect emotionally: Use Facetime, Zoom and other tools to reach out to friends and family, and schedule times to connect with them.

  • Continue nurturing your well-being: Reach out for mental support when needed. It’s common for alcohol and drug use to increase during times of stress. Finding a balance as well as support and accountability, can be helpful.

  • Find ways to stay accountable: Share your wellness plan with a friend or family member who can help. Think of the different areas of your life that may require different accountability plans—physical, emotional, spiritual, academic and professional.

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School Wide Focus

Distance Learning Plan

The school closures will be extended through May 22nd and we will maintain a distance learning plan for scholars. In the upcoming week the admin team will take consideration of the survey results in order to revamp and improve the distance learning experience for teachers and scholars. Below is the following tentative timeline for Distance Learning 2.0 roll out and preparation as shared in our K-2 team meeting.

Related Arts

The RA team was wondering if you could remind scholars this week to complete their RA assignments too. Maybe during your morning motivation/Zoom meeting times add just a quick reminder to complete assignments and don’t forget about their RA assignments!

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Deans of Academics

While we are so sad we will not get to see y’all in-person with your wonderful kiddos anymore this year, we are so grateful that we have such a great team providing online learning for our scholars. As always, all lessons and videos are due at 5 pm Friday in every classroom in the grade level. Also please ensure that you archive last week’s lessons by 5 pm Sunday.

We are also so excited that the curriculum decision for next year has been released! If you have any questions in the meantime about Achievement First Math and the Navigator program, please reach out to Molly. If you have any questions about Core Knowledge Listening and Learning and Skills, please reach out to Ayana.

Recap...What’s Due this Week???

  • Office Hours (posted to your classroom)

  • Grade Team Meeting

  • Check in calls with your scholars (update on communication log)

  • Plan, record, and upload the videos and assignments to all grade level classrooms for the content for which you are responsible for

April 24th

  • DUE: All Teacher Videos and Student Assignments for week of April 27th uploaded and assigned in Google Classroom by 5 P.M Friday, April 24th

  • DUE: Phone calls to all scholars and special comments if needed → Week 5 Log

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Dean of Culture

Friday Motivation Video - linked below!

Dean of Culture Google Classroom Assignment

DOC Lesson has ended and I am so excited to send so many beautiful displays of gratitude to our healthcare professionals! Shout to Jane Somers in Texas for creating an amazing drawing and Ximena Herrera in Auburn for her amazing video!

Masked Singer

  • If you are interested in singing as a masked singer in the event please email me

  • Zoom incentive with kids who have been doing their work (virtual giveaway, 3 teachers, admin judges)

  • Top 80 students participating

  • 1 rep from each grade level with perform on zoom with a mask, kids will get a poll to vote

Scholar of the Week

Teachers you will choose the scholar of the week if it is your will to choose like we do leadership tee. You will have them send you a picture by Friday and email the picture and brief description of why they are the Scholar of the week.

For the week of April 20th

Kinder - Belmont

1st - ELON

2nd - MTSU


Week 04/13: The grade with the most teachers to upload videos and assignments on time to google classroom is......(see below)!
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Next Week 04/20: The grade with the most scholars complete the SEL Lesson of the week

Friday Motivation Video

Friday Morning Motivation - EPP K-2 April 17, 2020
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Dean of SEL

This week we will have another lesson on mindfulness for scholars. It is important that everyone (including you, teachers) take care of themselves and their bodies! This is a time to be even more in tune with ourselves and feed the cravings for what we need, mentally, physically and spiritually. Please reach out if you need any type of support. I am also offering virtual sessions, so please refer any scholar or family to me if they express interest!

Habit of the Month

Sharpen the Saw: fuel your body and mind at the same time. Eat to nourish your body and be mindful of all you do. Pay attention to how often you are moving your body, growing your brain, and resting at night. It’s hard to balance all of these things from home, but you can ask someone else to make sure that you are doing these things together. You may even need to help grown ups make sure that they are doing these things!

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Upcoming Events

April 21st

  • 1st GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

April 22nd

  • Kinder GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

April 23rd

  • 2nd GLM 1:30-2:30 pm

April 24th

  • K-8 Team PD 10:00-11:00 am


April 19th

  • Allie's Bday

April 20th

  • Montgomery's Bday
April 25th

  • Alicia's Bday

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Shout Out to Stacey for recommending the Education Resource Room podcast to me - such an excellent find!

Shout Out to Danielle, Macie, Shelly, Kelley and Stacey for reaching out and asking questions about Core Knowledge and showing excitement for our new curriculum!

Shout Out to Crystalline for making our Friday motivation videos! The kids and families love them!

Shout Out to Lisa for her questioning around how to push our high achieving scholars and differentiate lessons for them!

Shout Out to Kristin, Macie, and Olivia for sharing some awesome resources during our K-2 team meeting!

Shout Out to Jaquandria for finishing her student teaching!

Shout Out to Coach Harris for passing out food to kids in communities each day!

Shout Out to Yolanda for creating a super engaging lesson on Maps for Kindergarten!

Shout Out to Macie, Tiffany and Shelly for having awesome morning meetings each day!

Shout Out to Danielle, Yolanda, and Lisa for uploading pics and vids to the Student Family Engagement Video Folder!

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  • Reach out to Dr. P and Rhodes if you are ill and will not be able to work
  • Accept all Google calendar meeting invites and communicate with your coach and Dr. P if you are not going to make it
  • Review the quick find docs below for any documents/resources you may need
  • Remember to smile...WE GOT THIS

Quick Find Docs

Scholar Communication Log click here

Family Call Script click here

Translation Services Needed click here

EEP Distance Learning FAQs click here

K-2 Distance Learning PPT click here

K-2 Wrap Up PPTs Week 1 Week 2 Week 4

Staff Office Hours click here

Scholar Email Addresses click here

Parent Email and Contact Info click here

Daily Expectations for Teachers click here

Weekly Scope and Sequence click here

Good Idea Spotlight click here

MOBC COVID-19 Resources here

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal