Michigan state


Michigan state mascot

the Michigan state mascot is a spartan. his name or what he is known by is Sparty. there original names were the aggies but they changed it to the Spartans. they wanted to show that their school was powerful with a mascot with a big chin and some pretty big muscles.

MSU has had a couple famous people go to their school. the most famous out of all of them would have to be ''magic'' johnson, NBA star basketball player.

as far as championships go, MSU has won many of championships, in 1951 they won the NCAA boxing title, in 1939 they won their first every champion ship, it was in cross country. their most recent championship they won was in mens hockey in 2007, they have won a total of 28 national championships

what are they trying to get across with their logo?

their logo is green, representing money, which represents power! they also represent power in the mascot the spartan, he is big and strong and powerful! their main message is that they are a powerful school.

their logos

here are multiple logos they have

five different weird things with Michigan states logo on it

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