The GRIT Report

August 18th, 2020

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Principal's Message:

Hello Tennyson Texan families!

As we plan for returning to school here at Tennyson Middle School, we recognize that this will be an unprecedented school year, but we remain committed to supporting your student's learning as well as their safety. In an effort to improve communication we will be sending out this newsletter for now weekly, we will taper off to monthly as we adjust to these new norms. Buckle in because this is going to be a long newsletter as we have tons of information below.

The first day of school, September 8th, is fast approaching and you need to register now to avoid crowds in the future! See below for more details. We strongly encourage you to purchase your child's own school supplies but we can assist as necessary. Please encourage your student to keep track of their school supplies and not to share them with anyone. The supply lists and our new dresscode can be found below in the Important Documents section below.

We take the health of our school community very seriously. Please discuss with your child the importance of following health guidelines and their impact on others. Masks and social distancing are required at all times feasible. This is about taking care of each other. Students and staff will wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times feasible. More highlights to our health plan are below.

For our new Tennyson Texans, our core values are centered around our motto of GRIT. This word means a lot to all Texans as we all know examples of grit in this great state. According to psychologist Angela Duckworth, GRIT is defined as the "perseverance and passion for long-term goals" and here at Tennyson Middle School we know that it is the number one trait of successful people! Everything we do revolves around this idea of GRIT including our messages about behavior and how we treat others. Each letter in the word GRIT represents one of our core values: Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork. I think that you all would agree that GRIT is especially important right now. We can't wait for you to learn the several ways that we incorporate these values into everything we do.

While everything seems to be an unknown in our society right now, one thing that hasn't changed for us is our commitment to providing a high-quality education for your child. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us via the contact information below.


Matt Rambo


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Please Register Now!

We strongly encourage you to avoid the crowds and register online! Click here to register!

PLEASE submit your choice of in-person or remote learning through the same website, even if you have already registered!

Registration In-Person this week (August 16-21):

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-1pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 3pm-7pm

Please be patient as we strive to keep the process as healthy as possible. You will be asked to sign and give your phone number to be put on a waiting list. You will be called when it is your turn to enter, please feel free to wait in your vehicle.

Student Schedules

Student Schedules will be accessible via Parent Portal on September 1st. More information including the login for Parent Portal and how to create an account can be found here:

More tips coming soon for supporting your child in this digital age!

CoVID-19 Plan

The rough draft is currently under review and will be published as soon as possible.

Highlights include:

  • Social distancing in all classrooms with masks required at all times except for while eating.
  • High-quality instruction will be provided for both in-person and remote learners.
  • One-way traffic in all hallways and rooms/buildings to the maximum extent possible.
  • Protocol developed for response to individuals displaying symptoms minimizing possible exposure.
  • Frequently used surfaces will be disinfected multiple times a day and the entire school sanitized twice a day.
  • No visitor policy in place including delivery of food.
  • Daily health screening of all staff and students including temperature checks.
  • If you or your student are displaying potential symptoms of COVID-19, please keep your student home and call us! We have a plan to provide continuous instruction.

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Why I Count: Education

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We have had a digital revolution this Summer! Not only did every teacher get a new laptop to support remote learning, every student will also be issued a chrome book! That's right folks, we are going one-to-one! This new hygiene-conscious world will be supported with a digital learning environment! We have more details coming soon regarding how and when these devices will be distributed. We do know that it will be before school starts at least for remote learners. We have also made several upgrades to our campus technology tools. Our goal is to become a model school for education and technology integration. Please discuss with your child the importance of good digital citizenship and that, regardless of the setting, school is back in session. Stay tuned for future GRIT Reports for tips on how you can support your digital learner. We are all digital learners at Tennyson Middle School!


As of now, yes, we are having athletics. If you have a student in athletics, they need a physical! All athletics communication, forms, etc are coming through the Rank One Parent Portal: There's even an app! So cool!

Important Files:

Coming Soon

  • Date and Process for Technology Pickup
  • COVID-19 Mitigation Plan
  • Meet-the-Teacher Program
  • Tips for Supporting Digital Learners

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