Come To The UFF!

Paradise since 1778.

Activities on the island.

When you come to the United Federation of Freedom, not only will you never be bored but you will never be in danger, their are lot of things to do, such as climb the third highest mountain in the world, watch the number one ranked baseball team in the world play at the world famous Pawela Park, we also have lots of fishing areas within the country, beautiful ocean views with beaches, and our 7 city which is our capital.

Our eco- clean energy.

Another benefit about our country is that we are saving ecosystems and our rain forest by making energy from out dam. Our damn goes along the U.F.F river where the water spins the generators and powers our whole county.

"Paradise since 1778"

Freedom within the country.

All citizens and tourist in our country have all rights within the country as long as they follow all laws. This is a benefit when coming to our country becuase your rights and your freedom is not different than citizens inside the country. When in our country you are treated as a citizen.