Fifth Grade News

Mrs. Getchman ~ March 8, 2018

Big picture

Grow * Worship * Serve * Give * Connect * Share

Learning Targets


* Combine sentencs

* Compare dialects

* Determine fact and opinion

* Use verbs correctly

* Prefixes dis-, im-, in-, non-, un-


* Solve real-world problems involving multiplication and division of whole and mixed numbers

Social Studies

* Evaluate the cause of tension between the colonies and Great Britian


* Experience the Way of the Cross

* Rehearse Shadow Stations of the Cross


  • Tomorrow - Mass
  • Tomorrow - Spelling Test #20
  • March 9 - Trimester ends - noon dismissal
  • March 14-15 - Conferences
  • March 16 - No School - Teacher inservice
  • March 19 - OJP "Frindle"
  • March 22 - Passport check day
  • March 29 - Knights of Columbus poster due

Be kinder than is necessary


We have had a busy week! Using our very cool technology has been a highlight. Students were able to interact with the promethean board using our brand new set of iPads. Students receive immediate feedback on their responses for effective studying. We studied this way for the social studies test. It is my plan to use this technology as often as possible, especially with social studies since it's an on-line, interactive curriculum that interacts perfectly.

I look forward to meeting with you for conferences next week. We will celebrate accomplishments and make plans for a successful third trimester. You will receive report cards at your conference.

Carpe Diem!

Mrs. Getchman