High Striker Presentation

by Derick Wyatt

Potential Energy= mass x gravity x height OR PE=mgh

Potential energy is the work done to raise the height of an object. Potential energy is an objects mass multiplied by the objects height and then multiplied again by gravity(-9.8 m/s^2). As shown by the picture of the high striker, the potential energy of the puck increases as the puck goes up the high striker. In short the reason that the potential energy increases is because the height increases as the rest of the variables stay the same (gravity and mass of the puck).

When the puck is at rest.

Kinetic Energy= mass x velocity^2 divided by 2 OR KE= MV^2/2

Kinetic energy is defined as the energy an object has because of its speed. An object that is not moving has no kinetic energy. The further the puck travels up the high striker the lower its velocity becomes because gravity is acting upon the puck. When the velocity or the mass is lowered the KE is also being lowered.

The more Kinetic Energy present the less Potential Energy present.

Show when the puck is moving

Conservation of Energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, however can be changed into another form.

Which is show when the potential energy and the kinetic energy fluctuate during the high striker's use.

Momentum= mass x change in velocity OR p=m v

Momentum is the mass of an object multiplied by its current velocity. When an object is acted upon by an outside object it has no momentum, instead it has something else called impulse. Once the object has no outside force acting upon the object it changes from impulse to momentum. Momentum is what send the object into the air while there is no force acting upon the object.

When the puck is traveling up the high striker.

Impulse= force x change in time OR p=F t

Impulse is how much the velocity changes multiplied by the force exerted on the object and how long that it is exerted. There can only be impulse while it has a force acting upon it. Once the force stops it become momentum.

This is seen when the beanbag hits the high striker

Torque=radius x force OR T=r x F

Torque is how much force you need to put upon and object to make it rotate. No matter how the fulcrum is placed the shorter side of the plank will receive more force.

This is seen in the first part of the High striker when you hit it.

Force of Impact= mass x acceleration

Force of impact is and objects mass multiplied by its acceleration. The force of impact increases whenever the mass or acceleration of the object is increased by a number.

This happens when the puck hits the top or when the beanbag hits the lever thing.