William Penn

Alexis Avery


Here he comes, get him,arrest him,take him! William Penn was not only arrested but alsoma big part in Pennsylvania history. First William Penn was a Quaker and treated very harshly. William Penn found P.A. Third,after William Penn died his family to control of P.A. All in all William Penn was a very interesting man.


William pen was a very special Quaker. He wasn't aloud to be a Quaker. But he broke the law. William Penn get arrested because he brought me the law. He was not even supposed to be a Quaker but still did it.so the cops found him and put him in prison. A Quaker is a member of a religion that or group of Cristen. Quaker was a

In tally a member of church. Quakers were treated very harshly. All in all Quakers where a big part of P.A.

Found P.A.

One important thing is William Penn found P.A. Witch means give him created. P.A. Was found in (1644-1718) Penn traveled through Europe inviting Quakers to settle in P.A. After Penn's dad died he asked the king fir land instated of the money he owed his father. So Penn he invited everyone to come to P.A. He said a penny would rent them land. The reason Penn wanted P.A. Was so people could have free religion because in England the had to all be the same religion. All in all, thanks to William Penn we have free religion.

End Life in Provety

Penn spent his final years battling for P.A. At one point Penn ran out of money and owed everyone money.he ended up getting arrested.while he was in jail he had a stroke. In 1718 Penn died. Before he died he tried to sell P.A. but didn't have time. After he died his family took over P.A. He was married two times. His wife and seven kids took over his colony. All in all Pennsylvania would not be the same or be here without William Penn.


William Penn accomplished a lot of things. Penn was a Quaker and life was not easy. William Penn did not only find P.A. he mad a wonderful place. Last, he had his family control P.A. after he died. William Penn made a wonderful colony and had a harsh life.


Quaker- A religion group.
arrested -when the cops take you and put you in jail.
prison-somewhere you go when you are in jail forever.


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