Andrew Jackson

The Big Knife

Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Indians lived in Georgia where they defied the "savage" stereotype by having a typical "white man" way of living.Their land was extremely desirable . Andrew Jackson passed a bill called the Indian Removal Act which allowed the US government to "exchange" their land for less fertile land. The Cherokees sued the US government and ended up winning the court case called Worchester v. Georgia. However, Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling and used the US Army to round up the Natives and push them out to Georgia. 4,000 Cherokee died on the journey.

Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed called the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832. These tariffs were very unpopular by the South because they relied on imported goods (the things being taxed) and now, due to the tariffs they are more expensive. The North is happy because now the US products, that they have the big industry for, are now cheaper. South Carolina nullifies the tariffs because they believed they were harmful to their economy. Congress then passes a Force Bill in response to South Carolina's nullification Act. The Bill gives President Jackson the power to use the US army, however he also threatens to hang the South Carolina Senator... Also his VP, John C. Calhoon. In response to the threats, South Carolina threatens to secede if the US government interferes with their Nullification Act. Then Henry Clay, being the great compromiser and recognizing that this would disrupt the peace from the North and the South, created a compromise where the tariffs were reduced so they would not harm the South's economy (as much), and the North was still making higher profits because their product was still cheaper. This kept the peace.

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson despised the National Bank. This is true because he claimed it to be unconstitutional even though it and gone through court, and it favored the rich not ordinary people. So when President Jackson gets re-elected he has the opportunity to pass or veto the National Bank. He ends up using his power to veto to end the National Bank.
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This cartoon is describing how some of the Southerners view Andrew Jackson in respect to following the United States Constitution. On the floor near Jackson's feet, is the Constitution torn into pieces. This represents that he doesn't care about the constitution and does not follow its rules. Andrew Jackson is a king in this cartoon to show that he can do what ever he wants whenever he wants to do it. He is holding a "veto" paper to show when he was killing the national bank. He used his power of veto to kill the bank even though it court case had already made its ruling that it was not unconstitutional. So this is another reason the Constitution is on the ground. he did not want to use the constitution as a power but rather only the veto.

Cherokee Indian Review of Andrew Jackson

I am just as much a citizen as all the white folks, but no! President Big Knife has to disrespect our rights and kick us out of OUR land just so a few white settlers can farm and ranch. We have built our lives here and now we are being sent out to Oklahoma where thousands of us will die on the cold winter trail. Why does he even have a grudge on us. We did nothing to him. However, he did slay thousands of natives before his presidency. It's us who should have a grudge on him not the other way around. Does he even qualify for president if he is a SERIAL MURDERER?!?!?!

Just an angry savage apparently...

A Northerner's Review of Andrew Jackson

I LOVE YOU JACKSON!!!! Your passing of the Tariff of 1828 and 1832 have made my US products cheaper than foreign goods. This has brought the stupid Southerners crawling back to me so they can get loaded with supplies because their sorry little area has zero industry. This makes me happy that The North is doing better than the South... And President Andrew Jackson is the one who has made this all possible, so thank you for making me feel great.

Your friendly Northerner