Teenage Love Affair

By: Nini Simone

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Book Review by: Maya Jones

Have you ever heard of some people having to grow up too soon? Well if you haven't, let me tell you about Zsa Zsa. She lives in Newark, New Jersey. She is a 17 year old girl who takes care and provides for her 10 year old sister Hadiah. Her mother works hard; she even works double shifts to pay bills. But she is never there for her girls. Adding on to her big responsibility, Zsa-Zsa's father died from cancer. So the only person she really has is her sister.

Zsa Zsa's love life is really complicated. She is in a relationship with a guy named Ameen. It started off really good because he gave her everything she was missing. He was always there for her and most of all , he spoiled her. But in like most relationships things change. He started becoming really controlling , and even started putting his hands on her. Then her hero came. Her close friend since she was a little girl, Malachai.

Malachai has been there through it all. Even when she was younger and her dad would beat her mother she would go to stay with Malachai and his family. He was always there to support her and be there for her. She was just always hesitant to let him know she was being abused. Because the last thing she wanted was to be a repeat of her mother. So what does Zsa-Zsa do? Will she be honest and get help? Or does she continue on with this tormenting lifestyle? Find out by reading Teenage Love Affair by Nini Simone. I highly recommend this book for teenage girls. Nini Simone's books are about things that we deal with on a daily basis. You will be sure to like it.