The history of rockets

By Chasity green 2nd hour

The first who made the rocket

In the 13 century ,Dr. Robert Goddard, was the first inventor to make a gun powered rockets in china for the military. His rocket was intended to launch from earth to the moon at the speed 6/7 miles a sec. then gets faster and attain 5,000 miles per hour. "he is known as the Father of Modern Rocketry. He created the first successful liquid fuel rocket, adding the nozzle design that is so common today."

Who uses rockets?

Every country uses rockets to get to the moon or to use it for war . They also use it to send Satellites out in space and they are also made into being a fireworks so you have a taste in person to see it launch into the sky . Nobody didn't use the rockets for transportation to the moon till the 20th century

How was it advanced?

It first started with experimenting with gun-powered rockets on a stick , to fight with mongols . Then Mongols made their own rockets who they are responsible for spread of rockets in Europe. By the 16 century the rockets were now weapons of war but still used as fireworks . then 17th century they were thinking about why rockets are able to out of outer space . by the 20th century trying to figure how to send the rockets out of space then they figured out how , then sputnik was the first out to be out in outer space.
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