The Road to Perseverance

by: Cole Sampias

Introduction to Perseverance

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" ~Winston Churchill. Perseverance, in my words, is the motivation you feel to push through tough times or adversity. In the quote it shows that perseverance with a good attitude can result in triumph.

Compare and Contrast - Perseverance of Ashes of Roses vs. Jackie Robinson

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Sequence of Lauren Hill's Tough Life

1. Lauren hill got accepted into St. Thomas to play basketball

2. Lauren found out she had cancer

3. she continued to play basketball even through tough times

4. she inspired many by her perseverance

5. she started a fundraiser for her cancer

6. Lauren Hill passed away

Cause and Effect of Tom Monaghan and Domino's Pizza

Tom Monaghan started a pizza business that is now a world wide known franchise, But it did not start off that way. Tom started the business from scratch as a college student selling pizza on campus. People loved his pizza but it was hard for Tom to keep up. When School ended Tom had many financial problems and struggled to pay rent on the pizza store. This caused Tom to have to hire a worker to keep up with business. Tom payed the worker money to pay for things, which ended in the worker losing all the money and becoming bankrupt. Tom working in present time with all the taxes and rent expensive did not help his business. While all this chaos was happening Tom's pizza business, Domino's, was beginning to become known. All of Tom's hard work was not paying off which caused the possibility of the government closing his business. Tom promised he would be resilient and make his business known. All of this hard work after caused Tom to be successful and pay off debts. Domino's is a very popular pizza franchise today with competitors like Jets Pizza and Papa Johns. Today, Tom a is a humble but wealthy man.

Description of Jackie Robinson's Perserverance

Jackie Robinson is a pro baseball player that broke the civil rights barrier. He persevered through name calling and physical abuse from fans and players. Jackie never let himself yield and always pushed himself to ignore the discriminating people and get better at baseball. Jackie broke this barrier in the early 1900’s when people were separated. Jackie Continues to inspire people and has great appreciation from all different people.

Paul Smith's Problems/Solutions

Paul Smith was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy that affected his speech, his mobility, and his fine motor coordination. He did not let this adversity stop him from doing certain things. Paul found out that he had a talent with using a typewriter to make drawings. Paul said it was an easier movement than actually drawing with a utensil. He made sure that he was a great person to be around and was never grumpy. Paul was a humble man and knew he had a talent, but denied to sell his pictures because they meant a lot to him. Overall, Paul dealt with all his problems with a positive attitude which led to triumph.

What We Can Learn From Other's Perserverance

Overall, Other people's Perseverance can help us get through are own adversity because they inspire us and show that Whatever you are doing is possible to achieve with hard work and a positive attitude. For example, Lauren Hill played Basketball and Raised money for cancer while having cancer. This inspired many people and taught us that even with adversity's and hard time's, you can still achieve your goal. Overall, Perseverance of others can help us get through our own adversity's.