Kinds Of Drugs And Effects


Stimulants- Speed up your central nervous.

Can cause heart rate to increase and you can become paranoid.

One example is ecstasy and can make you clench your teeth and you can have high body temperature


Depressants- Which is the opposite of stimulants so it slows down the functions of your brain and can cause confusion.

One example is GHB which is an odorless,colorless and tasteless which can be mistaken as water. And can cause a person to go unconscious.


Inhalants- Inhalants are household products.

They act if they were depressants.

And can cause dizziness,nausea and brain damage.

Also known as "whippets".

Some kinds of inhalants are gasoline,aerosols,glues and cooking sprays.


Hallucinogens- It's a mind-altering drug.

Can cause flashbacks and visual or auditory breakdown.

Examples are PCP and certain mushrooms.

PCP can cause you to do things you are not allowed to do or can do.


Narcotics-All of narcotics have opium or opium substitutes.

ONLY legal narcotics are given by doctors to relieve severe pain.

Legal examples of narcotics are morphine,codeine and demoral.

Illegal examples are opium and heroin.


Medicines-Any safe drug used to cure illness.

FDA decides safety and effectiveness of a OTC and prescription drug.

Examples are Asprin,Tylenol and any other medication you can buy without prescription.