Nativity Scene

Come and get into the Christmas groove with Luke's Gospel

Luke's version of the bible, modern style

Please come join is to help celebrate the birth of Jesus. This play is based on how Mary was promised to marriage with Joseph, and how she was pregnant. Come to our play to find out what happens next. This year the STSPP group will be rein-acting the play of the birth of Jesus written by Luke. This play is guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

Directed by C'elle Louie

Important Details

Place & Times

Each show will go for exactly 30 minutes

Dates and Times

20/12/13: 5:30-6 pm

21/12/13: 5:30-6 pm

22/12/13: 5:30-6 pm

23/12/13: 5:30-6 pm

Admission only $5