Improving race relations in America

James Burch

Slavery in America

All slavery started when the Triangular Trade began. The triangular trade is a historical term of indicating trade among three ports or regions. sugar, Tobacco and cotton went to Europe, textiles rum, and, good to Africa, and slaves to the Americas. The white people took advantage of the blacks and kept them as their slaves. The blacks were whipped, Slapped, and used as sex toys and did whatever that they wanted to do with the slaves. Slaves were used for doing all of the difficult work for them and to do dirty, nasty tasks for them they were treated unfair.

The slaves were taken to the Americas, and when they were taken to the Americas the slaves were sold to the white people. The whites were brutal they had no mercy on the slaves. Some of the slave owners were actually nice with their slaves and didn't go as hard on them. And when the slaves did anything wrong they got the whip to the back and sometimes the whip left marks or their back and some left scars and the scars will be there forever. even though the whites are slave owners they were nice or mean to them. All slavery started when the Triangular Trade began.

the blacks were terribly treated and the white where mean and rude with them and if the blacks fought back they all would be dead. and if the whites were in the position were the blacks are it would be the same... the blacks would be taking over and the whites would have to be bossed around made to do nasty things and if the blacks and the whites were a mix of slavery the white would not survive long because the blacks have done it for a while and are experienced.

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My plan to help race relations

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while slavery and its various and multifaceted discontents were the primary cause of disunion, it was disunion itself that sparked the war. the war was sparked by the white taking a lot from the blacks and make their life's miserable and make them think that they are worth nothing martin Luther king didn't want tension in America about our racial tension against each other and have a lot of tension between the 2 races and the people will not stand for the unruly order against each other and the blacks will have a lot against them and the people that are white will be cruel and mean towards the blacks.

The blacks were treated unfair and I think that the whites had too much power just because of their skin color doesn't make them any better than us. whites being that racist to call them the N word and to call them worthless pieces of crap when they were taken from their family to take care or the whites when it is highly unfair to the blacks when the whites had everything that they ever wanted money, power, women, rich family... etc. the whites are mean and highly racial people.

I want to make a law because the people who have too much power have too much of it and makes us mad now because some people don't care about the color of a humans skin but what is inside they have a heart like us, they have a brain like us, and they think like we do the color of our skin doesn't mean anything but to be mean to each other. if the blacks treated the whites like we treated the blacks they would be the better or be the same as the other slave owners as well.

James burch