The Five Pillars of Islam

The core beliefs of Muslims

The First Pillar: Shahadah

This pillar is the declaration all Muslims make every day "There is only one God and Muhammadis his Prophet" it is important to the Muslims because Muslims are encouraged to keep saying it throughout the day. Last words one should hear/say before death.

The Second Pillar: Salat- worship/ daily prayer

This pillar is that Muslims have to pray five times each day and face Mecca it is important to the Muslims because Salat is intended to focus the mind on God; it is a personal communication with God, expressing gratitude and worship. According to the Qur'an the benefit of prayer "restrains [one] from shameful and evil deeds"

The Third Pillar: Zakat

This pillar is that Muslims must make a yearly donation to charity it is important to the Muslims because the existence of countless starving, poor, hungry and destitute Muslims and non-Muslims in the world points to the need for this essential teaching to be put into practice.

The Fourth Pillar: Sawm- Fasting

This pillar is that for one month of Ramadan Muslims cannot eat from sun-up to sun-down it is important to the Muslims because them offering sawm restrain himself from any food or water from late night to the sunset, it helps them understand the situation of the poor who can’t have three times of meal a day.

The Fifth Pillar: Hajj- Pilgrimage

This pillar is that Muslims at least once in their life they have to go and visit Mecca it is important because it is said if the Almighty has provided you with enough amount of wealth you should first visit this place and enrich yourself.