Holifield Happenings

April 6, 2016

Upcoming Events

Apr. 7 (Thurs) - Musical Performance - begins at 6:30 (Call Times - 5:45 for parts; 6:00 everyone else)

Apr. 8 (Fri) - Musical Performance - 1:30 (Please send costume to school with them)

Apr. 12 (Tues) - Celebration of Learning (9:00-9:35); Government test

Apr. 21 (Thurs) - Figurative Language Project Presentations (1:30)

Apr. 22 (Fri) - Organisms and Their Environments test

Apr. 26-28 (Tues - Thurs) - SC Ready testing

May 4 (Wed) - Westward Expansion test

May 11-12 (Wed - Thurs) - SC PASS testing

May 16 (Mon) - Civil War test

May 17 (Tues) - Math MAP test (9:00 am)

May 18 (Wed) - Reading MAP test (9:00 am)

May 20 (Fri) - Field Trip to Middleton Place - and a much deserved break from testing!! :-)

New Class Schedule Calendar

This semester, I am taking a Google Apps class. I consider myself fairly tech savvy, but I hoped to learn a few tips and tricks while getting comfortable with a few Google Apps that I haven't had time to explore. This investment in time has already paid off in my opinion! Today, I created a Google Calendar for our class schedule. Basically, anything and everything that is important to our schedule will be placed on this. I use Google Calendar regularly, so this will be a quick and natural way for me to communicate.

You should have received an email telling you that I have shared the calendar with you. In addition to this, I have embedded the calendar into my school website on the "Classroom News" page. Because it is embedded, any change I make to the calendar in Google will be show on this page.

As we enter this busy time of the school year, this calendar will be the place to go if you have a question about the schedule. Whether it is a school-wide event or an activity that only applies to our classroom, I will work hard to keep the details there for you.

Social Studies: Hopefully, your child has taught you all about the Articles of Confederation (and why those didn't stay around), the Constitution, the branches of government and the various checks and balance that our Founding Fathers put in place! Every night there should be more and more information to add to their knowledge of the forming of our new nation. :-)

Reading: The children began a project today that will allow them to study Figurative Language and create a project of their choice. On April 21st, the children will present their projects in Performer's Paradise at 1:30. Please plan to spend a little time with us that afternoon if at all possible.

Writing: We've spent a few days this week free writing and reviewing our Caesar's English stems and vocabulary words. The children have spent the school year using their TFK magazines to respond to text dependent questions. This will be helpful when they take the SC Ready test at the end of the month. Between now and the test (April 27th), our writing time will be focused on this type of writing.

In Math, most students are working on fractions projects with a partner. I am working with small groups based on their needs. Some are working on getting comfortable with the various scenarios where equivalent fractions are needed. Some are mastering mixed numbers...while others are ready to multiply and divide fractions. The projects require the children to use their skills in real world scenarios.

Heroes Hustle Fun(d) Run

Our annual Heroes Hustle fun(d) run is coming up on Friday, April 29. This event was originally scheduled in October, but was postponed due to the flooding that hit our area during that time.

We will have a Pep Rally with the students on Friday, April 15 to get them excited to run and ready to fundraise!! Information packets go home on that date, so please be on the look-out.

How you can help:

1. Help your kids fundraise! The money raised will help us build a rock-climbing wall in the HWES gym!! And the kids will earn fun prizes for reaching fundraising goals.

2. Send in donations on the given collection dates. (All of that info will be in the packet.)

3. Volunteer!! We will need help all day on April 29. Please email me directly to let me know if you can help out. It is TONS of fun!!

3. Let us know ASAP if you or your business/employer would like to be a Heroes Hustle SPONSOR. All sponsorships are used to off-set the expenses of the fun(d) run so that all money raised by the kids can go directly to the school's rock wall project. Sponsors are listed on the kids' t-shirts and featured on banners during the run. Its great PR and a tax-deductable donation. Let us know ASAP if you are interested or if your business/employer would like to sign on! The deadline for commitments is NEXT WEDNESDAY April 13th.