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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal-December 12, 2014

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"The things of this world entice us with their artificial beauty and fading glory. Our keeping a holy Advent while surrounded by a culture of commercialization is a reminder to that culture that everything it values will one day be no more.

“Heaven and earth will pass away,” Jesus says, “but my words will never pass away.”"

--Rev. James Gibson

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  • ---Scrip Cards make excellent Christmas Gifts!

  • ---High School Placement Test - 12/13

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  • ---Christmas Cash Raffle update

  • ---Super Bingo - 1/1/15 - for Eighth Grade Trip

  • ---Attention Car Enthusiasts

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  • ---"Winter Wonderland of Fun Calendar" Link
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  • ------John Robin Band for the Voice of the Martyrs concert at the Clifton Center - 12/13
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St. Paul Parish School - Calendar

Click on this link for "The Latest Happenings!"

From the Principal's Desk

Scrip Cards make excellent Christmas Gifts!

Scrip Cards make excellent Christmas Gifts! The last day to order cards and have for Christmas is next Tuesday December 16th. Cards order by then will be available on Friday December 19th. This is the last day before Christmas break begins.

Kevin Brever

High School Placement Test - 12/13

High School Placement Test Saturday, December 13, 2014 at All Archdiocesan High Schools 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

(Students take the test at the high school they plan to attend.)

Extended time of up to 1½ hours provided for documented need/current practice.

Request and information must be sent to the high school at least three weeks prior to the test date.

Students Bring:

  • Elementary school code
  • Two #2 pencils
  • $10.00 to cover the cost of the test

In the event inclement weather or other emergency necessitates cancellation of the administration of the High School Placement Test, the test will be rescheduled for Saturday, December 20th, from 9:00-12:30 at all archdiocesan high schools.

Test results are shared with prospective students by the high school between mid-February and mid-March. Elementary schools are not permitted to release scores to students. Elementary School Placement

Test Code for St. Paul is 070

As has been our practice each year, Leisa Schulz is “on alert” to review weather conditions. Only in the case of severe and unsafe inclement weather will she make a call changing the status of the HSPT on Saturday morning. If such an extreme decision is necessary, she will use the ReachAlert system to notify elementary and secondary administrators, and she will contact our local media outlets with the appropriate announcement.

Keep in mind that in the event that the test is cancelled, it will be given the following Saturday, December 20th.

From the Houses

Francis House

Franciscan Kitchen - through 12/14

The Francis House is collecting items for the Franciscan Kitchen. We are collecting basic items for people in need.

Some possible items that you can donate include:

  • shaving cream,
  • underwear,
  • clothes, and
  • toothpaste.

Please help us support the Franciscan Kitchen and the people in most need in our community. Send all donations to St. Paul School. We will be collecting items until December 14. Thank you for your support!

From the PTO

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From the Classrooms

Winter Wonderland of Fun Calendar

Stay Engaged This Winter - All games and activities in the Winter Wonderland of Fun Calendar are accessible from any browser without a login. Click the titles in the calendar to get started.


  • Our three year olds this week learned about the letter Nn and the number 4.
  • In Religion we learned all about Advent and enjoyed making our own Advent wreaths. We had so much fun making pine cone ornaments and loved our field trip to the Planetarium for the Holiday music and lights show!
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Pre-K Gray

  • This week we learned about the letter Nn. We learned what sound it makes, thought of some words that start with that sound, and how to write the letter.
  • We learned the quantity of the number 7, and how to write the number.
  • We learned about the season of Advent and how it is getting us ready for the birth of Jesus.
  • We got to go to the Louisville Planetarium and learn about constellations, and see a Holiday light show.
  • We also found time to make snowmen ornaments using our feet!

Second Grade

  • The 2nd Grade Class is starting to work with adding two digit numbers in Math. We are moving on to learn how to regroup while adding. This is a brand new concept and we have been using models to help us understand the regrouping process. We are working on using the terms: regroup, ten rod, ones unit, and finding the sum.
  • In Science we will be finishing up learning about Land Habitats. We are focusing on how animals meet their needs in their habitats. We have been drawing pictures in a booklet of the four habitats: Woodland Forest, Rain Forest, Desert and the Arctic.

Third Grade

Social Studies

  • Third graders are still working on their country research project. This week, they are learning how to type up their information on Google Docs. Mr. Dooley is teaching the third graders how to log into their Google account, create a document, name a document and format their document. They are getting a lot of practice putting their typing skills to work. They are also working on their Venn Diagram comparing the country they are researching to the United States.

Religion -

  • Third graders are working on several service projects. They are also learning about the Jesse Tree. The Jesse Tree represents the family tree of Jesus. We are learning about the events and people who play an important role in our faith up until the birth of Christ.

Math -

  • They are working on their multiplication facts 6 through 11. They will be ready to a test next Friday on their multiplication facts.

Grammar -

  • Students are working on singular and plural possessive nouns. They will be ready to take a test on nouns next week.
Science -
  • Students are learning about light and sound.


John Robin Band for the Voice of the Martyrs concert at the Clifton Center - 12/13

This Saturday, Dec. 13th, 12 of our Saint Paul students will be performing with the John Robin Band for the Voice of the Martyrs concert at the Clifton Center at 7:00 pm. Students performing should arrive at 6:00. Tickets for this charitable event can be purchased at the door for $10.

  • 2nd Grade - Students are learning the difference between strong and weak beats, and how to improvise with them in songs and on instruments.
  • 5th Grade - Students are learning about Reggae music and Jamaican culture. They are learning how to write their own songs and arrange them in the Reggae style using Quaver Music, our new online music curriculum!
  • 8th Grade - Students are learning how to compose their own beats and grooves and applying them to the drum set and other instruments.


"Polar Express in the Media Center" day - 12/19

On Friday, December 19th, we will have a "Polar Express in the Media Center" day.

There will be a showing of the online book of The Polar Express and have fun activities for the classes in the library. Mrs. Trusty will have the media center decorated like a train. It will be lots of fun for the kids on this last day of classes before Christmas break.


Keeping Kids Safe Online - Safety Websites For Parents

This Web site provides a list of resources teachers and parents can use to help students stay safe online. It also includes a discussion on the pros and cons of using parental control software to filter Web sites.

This Web page article gives information to children about using the Internet safely. It tells children to keep their information private, how to avoid cyber bullying, and how to minimize online annoyances.

This Web article helps children understand how to best talk with adults. It includes information about how to bring up a difficult topic with an adult, the language to use so parents will listen, and what to do if talking with parents doesn't help.

This Web site connects children with kid-friendly Web sites. The directory includes different categories children can click to find links about that topic. There are educational sites and fun sites, and all the Web sites are appropriate for children.

This Web site has tips for helping adults keep children safe by age, so this is a place where parents could find age-appropriate information for their children. There is also information about online searching and links to kid-friendly search engines and directories.

This Web page presents a list of what adults can do to help children stay safe online. The page also includes links to other relevant online safety resources.

St. Paul School Class Pictures 2014-2015
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