Social Emotional Resources

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Self-Care Strategies

Even before the current crisis, nearly half of all educators report high levels of stress. The uncertainty, change, and concern from the current crisis is likely contributing to this issue for our most treasured resource, our staff. An article from ASCD identifies the importance of educators caring for self. Here are the highlights:

1. Trim Your List - Make and rank a list of your top 10 priorities. Circle your top 3 and work to devote 95% of your time to those 3.

2. Allow Yourself to Stop - Stop and relax your brain, even if only for a few minutes.

3. Embrace Vulnerability - Educators struggle with this, but it's important to be vulnerable.

4. Reach Out to Experts - Each educator has an area of expertise. Reach out to others for help. Normalize help-seeking.

5. Pass your Umbrella - You can't continually "hold the umbrella" that shields and protects others. Pass the umbrella. Give yourself a break.

Remember, SELF-CARE ISN"T SELFISH. It is necessary for you to care for your health and wellness so that you can continue to care for those around you. Take care!

Find Support for Self or a Loved One

Are you or a loved one in need of counseling services at this time? Here are three options available for staff to help meet your social-emotional needs during this challenging time.

  1. Pine Rest Central Access is assisting adults and children in an online format. Their services include traditional outpatient counseling sessions, substance abuse treatment, and inpatient treatment. Call 1-866-852-4001 and a staff member can assist you in navigating the options that are best for you and/or your family.
  2. North Kent Guidance is currently able to provide counseling via tele-health with a wide range of providers. They offer counseling, treatment, and evaluation services, short and long-term. Call 616-361-5001 to speak with a staff member.
  3. Reach out to your building counselor, SEL Coach, or RPS Mental Health Liaison if you need support. Beginning April 13, counselors will hold virtual office hours too! Information on scheduling those meetings will be provided when available.

Mental Health Resources

Mental health concerns may surface or worsen during this crisis. Please use the linked resources if you notice behavioral changes in yourself, your student, or someone you care for.

Symptoms of Depression

Traumatic News Can Trigger PTSD-Like Symptoms

Anxiety: Hiding in Plain Sight?

Strategies to Support Students During Instruction

Connect! Find ways to have a personal interaction with your students. Send a personal message through Schoology or call if the student hasn't participated. They miss you, just as you miss them.

Presume positive! Assume the student is doing his/her best. Remember that some of the best face-to-face students may struggle with the new online format.

Provide feedback! During times of grading and no grading, constructive feedback will support student learning and motivation.

Support engagement! This will be a big hurdle in times when you can't observe your students working.

  • Convey excitement and positive approach
  • Emphasize instrinsic motivation
  • Prioritize the essential and help students see why it's essential. "You will need this..."
  • Reimagine assessment - How can a student demonstrate skill or knowledge?
  • Provide work that students can complete with the support you provide (i.e. video, recorded lesson, simluation). Engagement will quickly dwindle if the students aren't capable of doing the assigned work.

Additional resources:

ASCD Article "Transitioning to Online Learning: Pro Tips on What You Need to Know"

COVID-19 Education Coalition Website "Learning Keeps Going"

Social Emotional Learning FREE

Introduce your students to social-emotional learning curriculum, True Success! Free access has been provided for RPS students and families during this time. Todd Frazier (Meadow Ridge) put together a brief video overview of signing up for and using the resource.

Rams Connect Social Emotional Support Plan

The RPS team has worked to develop a strategic plan to meet the social and emotional needs of students, staff, and families during this time. The button below will allow you to view the full document. Thank you for your partnership during this time!
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