The newest country and possibly the greatest country ever.

Goldden's Government.

Goldden's government is an Autocracy Dictatorship. Only the supreme leader Jason has the power in the government. He is an authoritarian so he controls everything, but the people have their own rights as well. They can have their own religion and do what job they want. Jason makes the laws that the country has and is the only person that can change them. Jason has the final say in all the decisions that the government.

More details

The people can vote for laws and government officials, but it won't matter it will only tell Jason what the people's thought is and he will usually go with the people's majority. Since this is an Unitarian government all the power is in the capital city in Jasonoplis. There is no local government Jason has all the power everywhere in the government. Jason is always traveling throughout the country and checks on the towns.

About Goldden

Goldden is a new country that developed at the hands of a rich gold finder. This is the first actually year that it will now be called its own country. Goldden is a country in the southern point of Africa. It now has a population of 2 million of people. Goldden is a very wealthy country with many natural resources found in it. Goldden now has the biggest gold mine in the world so we have the biggest gold deposit in the world. There is countless jobs available. 90% of Goldden's population has a jib the other 10% are retired. Goldden is a peaceful country and has many friends throughout the world. Almost every country wants to trade with us for our newly found oil fields, gold, and other gems like diamonds. Goldden is a beautiful country and is the perfect spot for any persoin that wants the perfect life. I hope to see you all in this beautiful country.


This new country is located in the southern point of Africa(south Africa).


Goldden already has a population of 50 million.

Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia,Swaziland, and Zimbabwe all border Goldden.

We have the biggest gold mine in the world.

Most of the citizens live in the bigger cities.

Capital city Jasonopolis

Major Citys- Jason Land, Port de Jason, Gold, Jasonville, and Jasonopolis.

Population- 2 million people.

Other Information

Major Allies- Russia, China, U.K., and Germany.

Currently no enemies besides some of the terrorists that are in the country, but the group has slimmed.

We are a English speaking country now.

Goldden only has one party and that is the Vaske party.

Goldden has over 20 public schools, and 5 different colleges.


We have a command economic system. The reason for this is because we want the economic closed from the people.

Our natural resources are gold, gems, oil, agriculture products.and metals.

95% of the people of age in the country are employed.

Goldden is a very wealthy country because of the large amounts of gold and other gems that are in it.