Sabre Scene

November 16, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Sabre Families,

We hope everyone is staying well and that our Sabre students had a chance to relax and recharge over November break.

My sincere thanks to our students for their excellent cooperation since the start of the year. They worked hard, met expectations that we had outlined and deserved a bit of a break in action.

On behalf of the staff at Sal, we would also like to express our thanks to our Sabre families. While there were pleasant surprises of what a Quarter system brought, we understand there were challenges with the quickened pace of learning and pedagogy, while handling heightened safety measures.

As we all understand, this was our first time through a new quarter and the patience, collaboration and teamwork with our Sabre stakeholders is much appreciated. We will be sending out a survey to our parents in next week’s edition of the Sabre Scene for your feedback to help in improving the educational experience for your child in the upcoming quarters two to four.

The start of this week is exciting with students entering new classes and meeting their new teachers. Our Grade 10’s are settling in to new surroundings, our Grade 11’s are closing in on the midway point of their high school experience, and our Grade 12’s are embarking on their final months on their journey to graduation.

Administration and Guidance have been working to balance timetables and adjust any change requests we have received. Please reach out should you have any questions or concerns with your child’s schedule as we start the week.

Have an awesome week. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sunny Sandhu


Salisbury Composite High School

Graduation 2021 Google Meet

Parents/guardians of graduating students, please join us for a virtual graduation meeting on Thursday, November 19, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The first 20 minutes will be about high school graduation requirements and post-secondary information with Jeremy Cooper and Adriana Footz. After that, Liane Schultz will provide preliminary information about what graduation may look like for 2021. If you wish to attend, please JOIN HERE.

CLICK HERE to see a snapshot of Grad 2020.

Métis Week:

Métis week is November 15-November 21 to celebrate Métis culture and commemorating the life of Louis Riel. There are some great activities/events planned for this week:

  • Test your knowledge of the Rupertsland Institute 5 Themes about the Métis: Language, Governance, Culture, History and Métis in Alberta. There are prizes to be won for staff, students, and parents/guardians. Each attempt gets you an entry into the draw, and each correct answer gets you an additional entry. Good luck!
  • Check out the posters around the school (Tuesday) for more information or click on the links above to be taken to the google form quizzes.
  • Starting Tuesday, runs all week– lunch hour (11:45 a.m.) beading circle, room 252 (the First Nations Métis Inuit room). Come join Mrs. Willman to learn about Métis beading. Supplies (and tea!) will be provided to complete a simple beading project.
  • Tuesday, November 17, at 8:15 a.m. - sage smudge, room 192. All are welcome to attend/watch/participate. Students wanting to participate must have a parent/guardian complete the smudging consent form.
  • Friday, November 20 – Rock your Mocs! Show some Métis pride and wear your moccasins on Friday! Take a picture of you (or a friend!) wearing moccasins and post to social media with the hashtag #SalRockYourMocs to be entered in to win a prize!

Cafeteria Specials:

  • Wednesday: Red River Bannock La Galet (Rivyer Roozh) Courtesy of Heather Andersen, Nora Zilkie, Sigrid Schaus and Dixie Palmer, British Columbia
  • Thursday: Chicken Corn Soup La Sup di Poul Blidaend, Courtesy of Heather Andersen, Nora Zilkie, Sigrid Schaus and Dixie Palmer, British Columbia
  • Friday: Orange Cod Taco's with Tangy Coleslaw $1.50 each-Oraañzh Pwasooñ di Mer Orange cod recipe Courtesy of the Labradour Metis Nation. Tangy Coleslaw Courtesy of Tricia E. Logan, Manitoba.

Success Team Resource of the Week

NAIT’s Learning Services.

Looking for tips and tricks to help you with effective note-taking? Memory techniques? Ways to enhance your reading comprehension? NAIT’s Learning Services has created a series of learning modules that are available free to the public. They are self-paced, 10-minute modules that can be done individually or collectively to enhance one’s personal learning strategies and study skills.