Equal Rights for Latinos

By: Linda Martinez

What was the Chicano Movement?

This was a movement consisted of the Latinos that were not accepted by either the Mexicans or the Americans. They were kind of in the double negatives. Then after some inspiration from Dr. King and other figures, they also took a stand for their rights. They were fighting for their rights in labor education, and equality. In the 1960's is when the movement really took off. They fought in similar cases to the African Americans and usually won because of them. The Constitution was deemed unfair by the Chicano movement and after some consideration, Congress gave equality to the chicano's, with the help of the African Civil Rights.

What were some of the main events for this movement?

There was four main events that contributed to the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. The Land Grant fight, The fight for equality in Labor, The fight for equal education, and the fight for political power.

"The Quest for Homeland"

This event was triggered by the fact that the government was being unfair to the Chicano's now living in the lands that were purchased through the Treaty of Guadalupe Heldago. The government was taking away the land and it was forcing the chicanos to move around and lose jobs, money, and homes. This movement was led by Reies Lopez Tijerina.
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"The Struggle in the Fields"

The National Farm Workers Association was a movement created by the infamous leader Cesar Chavez. This movement, fought for the equal rights of the Mexican workers that were working in the fields. This movement demanded that they get paid better, with better housing, and with equal rights. They led a peaceful protest and they won.

"Taking Back the Schools"

The schools were still segergated between the white students and the chicanos. The movement demanded fair education for their fellow students and few faculty members. So, as part of their protest, they (chicano movement) walked out of school and protested. They most definitely got what they wanted. Congress out the two races back together and declared something new.It was that no race shall ever be discriminated against for the rest of time based on race.

"The Fight for Political Power"

The creation of La Raza Unida Party as a third party force for political power and the importance of political rights. It culminates in the 1972 election and the Raza Unida convention, and the fragmentation of the party at the height of its membership and recognition. This was a way to get the Chicanos into a political standpoint and actually have a say in what they do and how.

The Leaders and Group of the Chicano Movement


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