Little Turtle

By Jon

Picture Of Little Turtle

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Little turtles don't compare to Little Turtle (big man... Indian)

Did you ever wonder about Little Turtle and I am not talking about your average cute little turtle i'm talking about Little Turtle chief of the Miami people.

Tiny Little Turtle A.K.A Before He Was Famous

If your wondering about his early life then your out of luck because no one knows a lot about his early life but I'll tell you what I know. He was thought to be born near 1747 to 1752. He lived at Pickawillany (which is now known as Whitley,County,IN) .

Little Turtle Hot Shot A.K.A When He Got Famous

Little Turtle was made a war chief of the Miami people. Little Turtle had his own war called Little Turtles war(The WAR Of The Little Turtles Paragraph 4) .Little Turtle became leader of the Miami people. The war was probably the one of the most famous native American wars in the USA. After the war every Indian(native american) knows him.
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The WAR Of The Little Turtles

Little Turtle had his own war called Little Turtles war. In that war they fought against the Americans for there own land(territory). Little Turtle turned into the leader of confederacy. it was the worst beat of America. After the war Little Turtle was name best (famous) native american in the USA.

Little Turtles Getting Old

After the war he met with George Washington and he presented Little Turtle the royal sword(which is for famous people that fought in wars). Then he met with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Little turtle then died in 1812. Many Indians(native Americans) were sad that day i hope you are to.I believe that that he fought for others not for himself. :)

Do It Your Self (Pretend Your Little Turtle)

OK do this for me. Step one: Close your eyes. Step two: imagine you are living in huts,catching butterflies, swimming, having a good time then suddenly people come to you and say "get out of my land". Well that's what happened to Little Turtle and that's what started the war "Little Turtles War". They fought for their own land.