The Father Chuck Berry

"The Father of Rock'n'roll"

By Caroline Michaels and Cameron Boone

Early Life

In October 1926, he was born on Goode Street on St. Louis Missouri. He had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. They lived a middle-class life. Before he could graduate high school, Berry was arrested and convicted of armed robbery and served 20 months in reform.


He sang in the church choir. Didn't play guitar until high school when he also he in the glee club. He listened to guitarists like Charlie Christian, T-Bone, and Carl Hoagan. In 1955 he met his idol, blues great Muddy Waters.

Time Period

  • Began with the "Cold war" (the war between Russia and America)
  • 1950's-1960's
  • There was Poverty during the time period
  • Vietnam war
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968
  • Assassination Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the President John F. Kennedy

Their Music

Records "Johnny B. Goode" (1954)

Records "Nadine " and "No Particular Place to Go" (1964)

Records all-time biggest hit"My Ding-A-Ling" (1972)

Records "Roll over over Beethoven"(1955)

Records " Maybellene"(1955)

He formed the Chuck Berry trio

Started off Playing hill Billy songs to make people laugh

Recorded 50 albums in the U.S

performed all over the world

Chuck Berry influenced the Beatles and Rolling Stones

Toured England in 1964

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Interesting Facts

  • Chuck Berry started as a Photographer, Carpenter and Hair stylist
  • Chuck started playing guitar in his spare time to earn extra money
  • Chuck was known for the duck Walk
  • The duck walk was how he crouched and strutted across the stage
  • Chuck sued the beach boys
  • They named an amusement park
  • Chuck wrote a Biography (1987)
  • He revived the Kennedy Center Honor (2000)
  • Chuck had to spend three years in jail
  • Was arrested due to violating the "Mann Act"
  • Had a performance at the White House
  • 120 days in Prison due to not paying tax evasion
  • He revived the Grammy "Lifetime Achievement Award