LPS Update

March 24, 2021

Return to Full in Person School Updates

We have had a successful return to full in person for our kindergarten, first and second-grade students over the past three weeks! Both our teachers and students have been overjoyed with being back in school all together!

We are so looking forward to welcoming our students in grades 3 through 12 back to full in person on April 5th. All of our teachers and administrators have been working hard to rework lunch schedules, arrival/dismissal, and classroom setups over the past three weeks! Building principals will send home building-specific information for families about any return to school logistics at the end of this week.

Thank you to all who continue to follow all of the safety protocols of masking, distancing, hand washing, and avoiding large gatherings. And of course, when eligible, getting vaccinated. Your diligence has significantly decreased our COVID-19 positive rate in the community. In order for us to continue to have students attending school full in person 5 days a week, playing high school sports and planning for our end of the year celebrations and events, we need to keep the positivity rate and spread down in the community by avoiding large gatherings of students and or parents where people are unmasked and not socially distanced. We know this is hard as the spring weather is upon us and we are all looking forward to spending time with our friends. Please do not send your child(ren) to school with any symptoms or a pending COVID test for anyone in your household. More than ever, we need to stick to the protocols we have had in place all year as we bring more students back into school.

Return to In Person School Frequently Asked Questions

We have put this together to help answer questions you may have about return to full in person.

LPS 2021-2022 School Calendar

This is the approved school calendar for the 2021-2022 school year.

Lynn Lyons Podcast for Parents on Students Returning to Full in Person School

Here is a terrific podcast from Lynn Lyons for parents on helping their children manage any anxiety around the return to full in person school.


Here is the link to all of Lynn Lyons' Podcasts

Lynn Lyon’s Podcast: Fluster Clux

School Adjustment Counselor Presentation

Please find below the very informative presentation by all four of our School Adjustment counselors in Lynnfield around return to school.


Information on Students' Following Covid Protocols- Effective April 5th

Now that we have moved from a hybrid to a full in-person learning model, we have changed our protocols for students accessing their teachers/classes via Zoom. We know that this is very different from what we have been doing up to this point. However, in order for our teachers to teach fully in person, we need to make changes to how and when we provide access for students.

The revised COVID-19 protocols are as follows (more than 3 days):

  • Please provide principals 24 hours to arrange for a student to join via Zoom if the protocol is going to last more than 3 days.
  • K-6 students: If directed to quarantine for illness or close contact for more than 3 days, the student will be provided a Zoom link to join the remote class for their respective grade.
  • 7-12 students: If directed to quarantine for illness, or close contact for more than 3 days the student will be provided the Zoom link to access their classes.
  • Upon completion of the quarantine, the student will be transitioned back to in-person learning. For all other reasons, the student will be considered absent just like any other school year.

Absences (3 days or less):

If absent for 3 days or less, the student will receive classroom materials, but will not have access to their teacher/classes via Zoom for that short period of time.

Important Message from School Nurses

With allergy season upon us, if your child has seasonal allergies we ask that you mitigate their symptoms with allergy medication and keep them home if showing symptoms. Allergy symptoms and those of COVID -19 significantly overlap and for the safety of all of our students and staff we cannot assume that these shared symptoms are purely allergy related. The most common symptoms that we see in our COVID positive students are headaches, runny noses and congestion. All of which can be attributed to allergies. With all of our students returning to school full in person at 3 feet, we will no longer accept a doctor's note allowing a student to attend school with allergy symptoms, and not be tested for COVID-19. We feel that it is in the best interest of the school community at large to take this conservative approach in order to decrease the risk of COVID positive students being in the building and the subsequent quarantines that would follow. Now more than ever it is important that we keep symptomatic students home and have them tested for COVID-19, even if we think they might be allergy related. Please do not send your child(ren) to school with any symptoms or with a pending COVID test for anyone in your household.

LPS Important Covid Protocols for Families

This document can also be found on our COVID Dashboard.

Updates to Free Lunch Program

Remember this year all meals are FREE to all students whether learning in-school or remotely.

New Days and Guidelines for Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup will continue for the remainder of the school year.

Dates & Times

  • Pickup days are Tuesday and Thursday for Multi-day Food Packs.

  • Hours of pickup are 11:00 am - 12:30 pm.


  • Students are eligible for Breakfast seven days a week, which will be available only through Curbside pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Please refer to the Curbside Breakfast and Lunch Menus for options.


  • Students are also eligible for Free Lunch seven days a week. We will feed the students Free Lunch at school 5 days a week.

  • You may pick up lunches for Saturday and Sunday, which will be available only on Thursdays at curbside pickup.

    • *If you’re keeping your child in remote learning for the remainder of the year, you may call the Food Service Office and make arrangements for lunch pickup on Tuesdays also.

  • Please refer to the Curbside Breakfast and Lunch Menus for options.

Allergies? Questions?

  • Please contact Jim McCarthy in the Food Service Department with any concerns about allergies or dietary restrictions

Seal of Biliteracy

We are pleased to offer the Seal of Biliteracy distinction to eligible students. This official designation recognizes graduates who demonstrate proficiency in English and at least one other language. Please see our announcement regarding this opportunity for eligible students below:

LPS Seal of Biliteracy Announcement

A Healthy Lynnfield Presents:

Wednesday, April 7, 7:00-8:30 P.M.

Athletic Development in Lynnfield: Pathways To Long-Term Athletic Success

Professor Dr. Lynn Pantuosco-Hensch of Westfield State

Department of Movement Science

INTERFACE Referral Service

As a reminder, in partnership with the Town of Lynnfield, A Healthy Lynnfield, and the Lynnfield Public Schools, the INTERFACE Referral Service is available to our families. This is a confidential and free service for all Lynnfield residents that helps connects residents across the lifespan to outpatient mental health services.