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September 4, 2015

Hello everyone!

Week two is wrapping up with a bang. I am having the best time watching the students light up with excitement about the new things they are learning. My personal motto is "always learning" because, I feel like each and every one of us has something new that we can learn, regardless if we are 5 years old or 105 years old.

This week I learned many new ideas to consider that came directly from you all as parents. One of the best ones came from Felicia Mestemacher, mom of Aden. She had a great idea on how to get more 4th and 5th grade parents in the carpool pickup holding tank which then helped us to get the line moving faster. We gave it a try and it worked! Thanks, Felicia!

I want you to know that any time you give us feedback, we truly do consider it. Of course, we all know that while we have ideas that are great, it is impossible to implement them all. However, that shouldn't stop us from offering up ideas. I learned a long time ago that a community of minds thinking and working together for a common cause benefits us all, especially our children.

So, tell me...what have you learned?

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you back on Tuesday. Keep reading for other Norris news!

Mrs. Abney

Important things to note:

  • Here is an exciting way to support our community...We are participating in a food drive from Tuesday , September 8th through Friday the 18th. The class that collects the most items will get to pie Mrs. Abney in the face AND the grade level with the most items gets an extra recess!

  • Don't forget about getting your license scanned and filling out your volunteer forms.
  • It is very helpful to have your children ready to pop out of the car during arrival in the morning. That means, shoes tied, backpack ready, goodbye hugs finished all before the door opens. It makes the traffic move faster.

For clarification...

  1. We are doing a wonderful job arriving to school on time. As a reminder, the students need to be in class ready to learn by 7:50 am.
  2. Please do not park on the either side on Shepton Lane during arrival and dismissal times for the safety of our walkers and drivers.
  3. We are in the process of forming clubs on our campus. The clubs selected were chosen by our students! More information about the clubs will be posted to our school website. You may also look at the bulletin board located by the entrance of the office for notifications. The majority of these clubs will start the last week of September. Check out the Drama Club Announcement below....

Drama Club

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