Stopping Human Trafficking

Creating and Advocating Laws to End Modern Slavery

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Background Information

Human Trafficking is a worldwide plague. Many governments and international organizations are writing and passing laws to end this crime and form better help for the victims. These organizations include the Global Freedom Network, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, and the US Department of State.
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Global Freedom Network

The Global Freedom Network was created by Pope Francis and other religious world leaders. It was established to solidify the Christian fight against modern-day slavery. It seeks eliminate the underlying networks and issues that lead it human trafficking. It hopes to end Human trafficking by 2020 by following six steps.

  1. Mobilizing faith-based communities.
  2. Supply-chain proofing.
  3. Care for the victims and survivors of forced labor, prostitution and organ trafficking.
  4. Law reforms and enforcement.
  5. Education and awareness.
  6. Funding.

The Global Freedom Network Declaration

Go Here to sign the Global Freedom Network's Declaration. It is a pledge to do all you can to end slavery in your lifetime.

United Nations Efforts

One of the focuses of the United Nation's Office on Drugs and Crime is to end human trafficking. The UNODC is the guardian of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crimes, and helps countries implement the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons. UNODC also has a comprehensive strategy to end the world wide slave trade. Along with all of these paper documents and legislation, the UNODC has set up a voluntary trust fund for victims of human trafficking.
UNODC Strategy to Fight Human Trafficking

Official called the UNODC Strategy to Combat Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of MiIgrants.

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In the United States

Every year the US Department of State publishes the Trafficking in Persons Report. It is the US's principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on the fight against human trafficking. The State Department tracks the progress of nations with the anti-trafficking legislation.

There is also the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Georgia is one of the States that uses it. The State Attorney, Sam Olens, has a campaign against human trafficking himself.

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Story of Three

The United States has the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. However, these rights of victims are not as helpful as they should be to the victims. In a story involving three different victims of human trafficking, only one got the best care she could.

There was one teenager under the age of eighteen who was found that obtained all of the help and benefits that the law promised.

Another was over eighteen and had children with her "husband." She and her children got a limited number of resources, and the law did not benefit her as much as the first girl.

The third victim was a child of four. He denied being a victims of human trafficking, and went through awful treatment. He was seen as an illegal immigrant, and was denied all benefits he should have been given, and was put in programs to be deported. This should not have happened because law enforcement should be better trained to recognize the signs of the victim. After all, this child was in the same place as other child victims, and did not know better because he was taken from his parents as an infant.

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What You Can Do.

Human Trafficking is a billion dollar industry, and plague to all nations. The best way to stop this form of slavery is to recognize the signs of victims and report it. You should also petition for better benefits for victims and better training for law enforcement for dealing with this crime. There are punishments for the traffickers, but the victims need more help than they are getting. It is also not just about helping the victims when they are found, but all ending human trafficking all together. The UNODC has recognized the different acts, means, and purposes that all lead to trafficking. The best way to stop this is to write laws and form organizations that dig up these roots to this international problem
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Taking Actions with Polaris

Polaris is an organization advocating against human trafficking. Please taking the time to sign one of their many petitions advocating for better laws on human trafficking.

Taking Action

If you want more information or to help out in Georgia email Camila Wright from Sam Olens's website at

Also if you ever suspect Human Trafficking call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at


Sam Olens's Official Website

Here is the Human Trafficking page under Sam Olens's key issues for the state of Georgia