Grade 5 BMS

Thursday, December 3rd 2015

5th Grade News for the Parents by the Students!!

As you are aware, the Grade 5 students will be responsible for writing our Thursday flyer. This week, Grade 5B are the journalists. We hope you enjoy their report.

Important Dates

4.12.2015 Art Show

8.12.2015 5B Ice Skating Alexanderplatz end of year celebration trip

10.12.2015 Grade 5 Bake Sale in the school lobby

11.12.2015 5C and 5D Theater Hänsel & Gretel show and workshop

18.12.2015 5B Galli Theater Hänsel & Gretel show and workshop

21.12.2015-1.1.2016 Holiday Break

8.1.2016 Grade 5 PE trip to the Science Centre Berlin

12.1.2016 Grade 5 PE trip to Wedding ice skating rink


In math we have been learning about decimals and multiplication.

In multiplication some of us have been learning the "column method".

There are a lot of ways to multiply. We have learned the latice method some time ago and now we are focusing on the column method in class. Multiplication can be difficult sometimes, that’s why we are focusing of the understanding of this method.

In class we are multiplying decimals that’s why we are learning this method.

We hope this gave you a better understanding of 5th grade math.


Reading and Writing

We have been reading Wonder in 5th Grade.It is about a boy named August who has a disfigured face. In the book we have been looking for figurative language like idioms, similes, personification etc. We also found parts where one characters actions affect the way another character behaved.

We also did a Big Writing where we wrote a story to show how peoples words and actions affect how you feel about yourself and how you may act in future situations. We did this piece of writing to show what we have learned about writing so far in 5th grade.


During the last few weeks in German we focused on pregnancy, puberty, birth or C-section etc. We also watched a movie related to pregnancy. The movie showed how a woman was going through pregnancy and the changes which happen during this time. In addition to that we learned about the human life cycle, which is fertilization, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood. We also made a poster about the sex organs, first in English then in German. Now we are writing in our summative assessment book in English and in German. We are writing a book about puberty for our future child/kids!

By Nathaniel, Metehan, Niklas

Big image

Unit- Who We Are

In this unit the 5th graders are learning about the changes during puberty. Its almost the end of the unit and every 5th grade class is working on their summative assement.The task is to do a puberty guide book.They have to include diagrams and information about changes that occur during puberty, like hormones breasts, sperm production and periods.We are doing this summative assessment to be prepared for when we are in puberty. The book is not only for us but also our future children! As well it will show the teachers what we learnd.

5b had a special visitor last week! They had a yoga lesson taught by Ivy's mom, Jelena Lieberberg. They tried out cool movements, got some exercise, learned how to relax and had a good time having a yoga lesson. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! See the video and photos below.

Your 5th grade team by Julius, Emma, Katerina and Marine!!!


In drama we have been practicing three songs for the Art Show. The songs are "Wills Wonderful Words", "No Girls Allowed" and "All the World's a Stage". We have been learning how to pronunciate all the words correctly. We were reading our scripts for the first time. As a group we worked on our moves for all the songs. Last Friday we went to the cafeteria to practice our moves and we tried out all the songs for the Art Show.

Thank you for reading!

By Luca Jones, Alejandro Cavero, Friedrich


During the last unit in sport class the kids have learned the skills of basketball; dribbling, shouting and layups for the final assessment The elements where than looked at and been graded for your child's report card.

Now during there sport classes we are moving on to the next amazing unit... gymnastics! In this period of time the children are learning the elements of gymnastics; forward roll, backward roll, straddle roll, tripod, headstand and handstand. Not everyone has mastered these elements yet but we will reach that goal soon. Don't be worried about your child's safety because the children warm up by running and stretching so there muscles are warmed up properly so nothing happens.I make sure that your child does the elements correctly and in a safe way. I hope your child likes this unit and enjoy the sport classes.

By: Veronica, Zoe and Chloe

Sport information

As part of a varied and enriching curriculum, we have planned two field trips with grade 5 students at the beginning of the year.

On Friday , 8th of January, they will attend an exhibition at the Science Centre Berlin, where students will be exposed to some of the science behind sport and what actually makes us move. The week after, on 12th of January , we will take Grade 5 to the Wedding Ice Skating rink. The ice skating will be for all levels of skaters so if your son/daughter is a novice skater, we will ensure they will be helped to feel comfortable and have fun. Both field trips will last couple of hours and we will be back at school around 12 noon.

If you would like to help us out, please send an email to me (, informing that you will be attending.

It is extremely important that you sign both permission slips and write your son's/daughter's shoe size if we need to rent skates for them.

Have a wonderful Holiday and see you in 2016!

Miss Grujicic


In the last few weeks the 5th grade students have been focusing on drawing the face structure of a person.They also have been creating a project for the art show that will take place on the 4th of December.

In art the students been learning how to draw the eye, mouth, nose, and face structure. They were creative and quick by understanding the strategy of how to the eye, mouth, and the face structure.

The upcoming event in the primary school is the art show that will take place on the 4th of December.The 5th grade students have created a project for the art show that required a lot of enthusiasm and creative ideas.They also showed great teamwork for creating a huge collage with word poems paste on a poster.The students have been having fun while concentrating on there work.

So now you know a bit more about, what 5th grade did in art.


Special Guest Mr. Peterson Talks About Hormones

Killian's father Mr. Peterson came to speak with 5B and 5A about hormones. It was nice to have an expert here to explain all about how hormones work and how important they are during puberty!

Thank you Mr. Peterson for taking time to share your expertise.

CCEP information

In conjunction with the Parent Initiative, and our secondary department, the Grade 5 children will be taking part in an important project to help support refugees in Berlin. The 5th Grade children have been asked to construct a 'Tree of Wishes'. On this tree, particular requests will be posted by refugee families. These could include weekly travel cards, clothing or personal support. We are hoping that the wider BMS community will then be able to help provide the individual wishes.

In order to raise further money so that more wishes can be fulfilled, the Grade 5 children will do a bake sale on Thursday 10th December, after school. We would kindly ask that you help the children bake cookies or cakes for this worthy event.

We are delighted that we have been asked to take part in the process and we hope the children will benefit from the experience.

How to help at home

We have been working on several websites like Mathletics or Raz-Kids and Khan Acadamy. These are always useful tools to help at home. The websites are: