Adaptive Behavior Inventory

By: Tiffany Edwards

Test Information

Author: Linda Brown and James E. Leigh
Published By: Pro-Ed An International Publisher in 1986
Type of Test: Adaptive Behavior
Age Level of Examinees: 5-0 to 18-11 Years
Skills Measured: Self Care Skills, Academic Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Occupational Skills

Requirements for Testing

Time Required: 5 minutes per each of the five sections, so about 25 minutes for the entire test
ABI Short Form (Only has a select few questions per each section) : 5-10 Minutes
Qualifications of Examiner: A teacher or professional who is familiar with the student who is being evaluated, a minimum of 4-6 weeks working with the student being tested
Test Materials: Copy of the test protocol and a pen or pencil

Scoring and Results


Webtools Vs. PowerPoint

I would much rather use a web tool such as smore because it makes the lesson as well as teaching the lesson more fun and more visual. A student would much rather look at this flyer, than look at a typical power point.