We Can Save The World

We can save the world one step at time.

Let's get started!

Have you already gave up on saving the environment? Or Just haven't thought about it much? Or do you want to save the environment, but don't know how? Or where to start? Well, you're at the right place! Here, you can find all the information and steps on how to save the environment. Let's get started!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Saving the Earth.

Even though this essay is mostly going to be about the ways we can save the environment, there are also some ways we are destroying the earth. Sometimes mankind can be lazy and don't really think about saving the environment because it's too much work or feel like making a difference. It will! A huge difference! I believe we can all step in, not be lazy, or feel a certain way about saving the environment because we can all make a change in the world.

What are some reasons why we should protect our environment?

There are a lot of reasons why we should protect our environment. But there are three significant reasons why we should save the environment. The first reason why we should save the environment is because of the plants and trees. the trees and plants are living things just like us human beings. When we leave trash around, polluting the air and deforestation, the trees die, leaving us with less food to eat, no oxygen and extinction of animals because of the lack of food.

The second reason why we should save the environment, id because of pollution. Pollution can be very hazardous. When we pollute, goes into the air we breath that might gives us an disease or end up killing us. It also goes into the water we drink and kills and infects the fish we eat an other marine animal living in the ocean. The third reason we need to protect the earth is that we might run out of supplies needed in our everyday life. If we are killing everything in our path we might run out of resources for us to survive, books, pencils, pens for school. Boxes, to send letter ans ship supplies so we can trade from other countries. All of these things will prevent us from dying and having maintaining the resources we need.

Steps on how we can save the earth!

Here are some steps on how we can save the environment. 1. Save Water: when you wash turn off your water and turn it back on for rinsing, that goes for brushing teeth or washing dishes. 2. Saving Energy: Turn off the T.V. or light in a room that you're not in. 3. Reduce, Reuse ,and recycle: Remember to recycle any plastics, paper and glass that you've have used. Also you can save those resources and use them again or turn them into something else instead of throwing them in the trash. 4. Less Driving: Take walks instead of driving your car to close destinations. Use the train or bus to go to work as well, so our air won't be polluted. 5. Preventing Deforestation: Every time we cut down a tree, we should plant a new one next to them, so there can be a new generation of a forest. 6. Encourage Others: Tell your peer, staff, and friends at school or your neighbors to help clean the earth and save this planet.

You Just saved our environment!

Now that you know the step you need to help protect the environment and save our planet. Remember to encourage people to join with you on saving the environment and send letter to family far away as well to help. You are never alone when it comes to saving the planet. W are only a few step close to making a world a better place.

Where you can find more info on saving our planet earth!


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