Figurative Language

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Figurative Language

Figurative language uses words or expressions with a meaning that is different from the literal meaning.

Preview Material

Students will preview vocabulary (SHAMPOO) and graphic organizers that will assist them in being successful with understanding figurative language.

Differentiating Instruction

Assignment / Differentiation

1. Students will analyze poetry and assigned readings by understanding how the author uses figurative language to enhance the piece.

2. (Previewing has been taught) Students will watch two videos showing how music artists use figurative language to enhance their music. (Auditory)

3. After watching the videos, students will listen and read the lyrics to Rihanna's Shine Bright and underline the figurative language used throughout the song.

4. In cooperative learning groups, students will choose a song and an article. Groups will use a color coded SHAMPOO (Graphic Aid) guide to underline the figurative language. (Student Choice)

Grouping Abilities

Students will be grouped according to the results of a pre-test assignment: high and middle students; low and middle students.


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