American Teens lie, cheat, & steal

Chuck Colson Breakpoint

Important quotes

"results paint a troubling picture of our future politicians and patents, cops and corporation executives, and journalists and generals."

Study on teen actions paint troubling picture.

another quote."something significant."

it means like something that is none of a kind.


  • Percent they always use that word to say how much of the kids lie, cheat ,or, steal.
  • cheating it is telling us about all the kids that were cheating.
  • steal told us about the kids that steal stuff.
  • lying telling us about the kids that lied to people and lied to them

main idea of the artical

To shown the world of all the kids that lie,cheat, or steal it gave us the the percent of the kids that lied and it was 83%.the people that steal was 26% for girls and 35% for boys.the percent of kids the chat was 64%.

authors purpose

to informe the people what is going on with socity.