Annie Scheinost

Capital city: Bangkok

Population: 67,448,120

Physical feature

Phuet is one of Thailand's most famous islands. You may go scuba diving ,para sailing,and snorkeling.

More physical feature

In the middle of Thailand is large plain just flat land mostly called a rice bowl cause how much and well rice grows there.
(North) Thailand


Thailand's tallest point is Doi Inthnon at 8,514 ft. (2,595 m.)


Thailand has about 2,000 miles of coast 3,200 km.


Khorat Plateau made up of mostly sandstone and not much rain.


198,455 sq. miles Thailand is about the sizes as Arizona and Utah together.


  • A.D. 800's the area became part of the Khmer empire,covers much of southeast Asia.
  • Thailand celebrates the Golden 50 year Jubilee of King Bhumibol's reign in the year 1996.
  • The Burmese invented and conquer Ayutthaya in the years 1569-1590.
  • Thousands of years ago,people of Ban Chiang live in the land that is how nourtheastern Thailand.

People & places

  • Thailand looks almost like an elephant's head and trunk.
  • Thailand is never cold,but the north of Thailand does in the (Nov.-Feb.)
  • April and May are hot and dry,monsoons come between June-October.
  • And the rest of the year is very dry and winds blowing from the northeast.


  • Takraw a unique Thai sport kind of like volleyball,but you cant use your hands players use there feet,elbows and heads.
  • Kick boxing also started in Thailand but they never used gloves.
  • At school kids wear uniforms every day at school. The uniform colors are like a white shirt and dark color shorts for the boys,for the girls is a white shirt and a dark skirt.
  • Respecting one's parents is very important in Thailand. So the kids put their palms together and bow for them.


  • The Thai travel in trains,cars,taxis,and buses. They have motorcycles as taxis too,hop in the back of 1 and tell the person where to go.
  • Respecting one's parents is very important in Thailand. So the kids put their palms together and bow for them.
  • Farming used to be the only job people could of done to get money. The money there is called baht.
  • Thailand produces more tin then any other country in the whole world.

My choice

  • Just because the king is so popular,the Thai celebrate his birthday by lighting candles and having parades every year.
  • The Thai fruit is called durian,it has a very stinky smell its so bad that they wont let it in airports.
  • Tourism is very important to Thailand's economy,but sadly,one-tenth live in poverty.

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