South Asians Immigration


South Asians

There are many different people from many different country ‘s that immigrated to Canada. Some reasons why these people came to Canada were because of food water, better opportunity and war.The south asians are the people located in the southern regions of the Asian continent. Parts of South Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan.

Immigration to Canada

In 1897 South Asians were dislodged ( kicked out) from Uganda and so they needed a place to live. To make a decision where to live they heard about Canada from the British Indian troop in Hong Kong. Majority of Sikhs heard it from the British Indian troop. Therefore they all headed toward Canada in two groups. The first group arrived at Vancouver in 1972. The second group arrived in British Columbia in 1903. About 7, 000 refugees from Uganda immigrated to Canada.

Adapting To Their New Surrounding

The South asians worked in many ways. Their journey began in the life of adventure. In order to survive they worked in agriculture and forests. At first their community wasn’t strong enough to adopt the urban community in order to stay alive. After they met many people and cultures they kind of got the feeling they could succeed. Eventually they all developed an urban area.

Adapting their Surrounding in Order to Make a Community

South Asians developed an urban community in order to live. South Asians accepted Canadian culture very quickly. They met variety’s of people in different cultures and religions. Therefore they shared many skills and languages among other people that were already in Canada also known as the Canadians . The jobs they got were very high skilled. Some high skilled jobs: Veterans of the British army, Doctor, Scientist, musicians etc.. Their high skilled jobs were really effective for their lifetime experience.

Experiences Faced During Their Time in Canada

However, South Asians had to face difficulties on settling in Canada. Local Canadians made fun of South Asians because their skin were coloured a differently. That is called Racism! The Canadians thought South Asians would affect their jobs. Therefore the Canadian government limited South Asians . rights and privileges. The Canadian government also objected that wives and children were not be able to come to Canada until 1919. Only men's were allowed. So, it was really a tough life for the South Asians abandoning their own family .

Interesting Facts

There are many facts about South Asians. Here are three facts: Folk and classical dance traditions are the most popular activity they are known for. The impact of climate change is a big hazard to the South Asians. Finally impact of population in Asia effects South Asians. ( Water, food, climate, global warming etc.)


In the present of Canada it is a multiculturalism country.They would let any culture or religion welcome to Canada. In the past Canada welcomed South Asians and saved their lives from the escape from Uganda. Now South Asians have brought their culture to Canada. They also brought great ideas and thanks to Canada. This shows how South Asian refugees explored Canada and made it a better place.
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