May Non-Apparel

All the dirty details you want to know

Meet the Gals:

The Good.

This month in customer care, we heard a lot of great feedback for the non apparel sector of ModCloth! The launch of bedding was greeted with an extremely positive reaction from our community and our customers would love to see more! :)

There has also been great fanfare over our intimates collection. Our girls love the corsets and teddies, but would like to see them in more sizes. A-cup customers along with girls with larger band measurements are looking at our items; and with our plus-size category growing, we think this is definitely something to look into expanding.

With little surprise, pet accessories are also in high demand.
Aside from the adorable kitten tops and clothing, our customers would love to see items their pets can use as well!

Customers don't just want themselves and their pets to look good, they also want to feel good about what they are buying. Having such an intelligent community means our customers love to know where their products are coming from and what the social impact on their purchase is. Items from vendors like Out of Print Clothing or NuOp Designs are great additions to our selection!

So, to recap, customers are mad for:
  • Bedding
  • Smaller and larger intimates
  • Pet Accessories
  • Charitable/socially conscious vendors

The Bad.

Here is a breakdown of all of the vendor problems for Non Apparel during the Month of May (starting from the 7th).

Total # VP's: 80 (100%)
  • Total # Quality: 14 (17%)
  • Total # Quantity: 36 (45%)
  • Total # Intake Exceptions: 11 (14%)
  • Total # Compliance: 19 (24%)

  • Shoes: 21
  • Intimates and swim: 9
  • Apartment: 26
  • Accessories: 21
  • Other: 3

The Ugly.

"The Ugly" sounds a bit harsh, but below there are examples from the three vendors that really made an impression this month. We'd like to call these vendors our "Reoccurring Offenders". That is to say, they have sent us a number of styles with a common quality issues--severe imperfections in the material and products in unsalable condition.

We'd like to hear from you too!

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