A place of myth and wonder!

The Basics

The country of Greece is located in Europe. Greece also has two mainland peninsulas and thousands of islands. It is located specifically in the southern region of Europe and is east to the Mediterranean Sea. Due to Greece's particular location it attracts many people with it's tropical feel and beautiful beaches. When you are traveling and would like to go to an area like this, a very good suggestion would be around the capital of Athens.


The main and most common currency in Greece is a Euro. One american dollar is worth seventeen Euros. This means if you are traveling a good suggestion would be to change into the currency of Greece. Also, the majority of Europe has the currency of a Euro. Another good suggestion would be to always carry your money in one to two currencies maximum. This way you are prepared to change into any possible currencies other than Greece's while in Europe.


The language of Greece has changed over the past millennia. There are three different terms such as Hellenic,Hellenistic, and Byzantine. These terms also relate to a certain time period in Greek history. Although the language has changed and adapted over time, there are still 8 phrases and key words you should learn before you go to Greece. Here are the 8 phrases and key words translated in Greek; hello:ya sou, goodbye:ya/adeeo, please:parakalo, thank you:Efkharisto, do you speak English:milas anglika?, I need help,please:khreeazome voeetheea, parakalo, I'm sorry:xeetao syghnome, my name is... :to onoma mou eemay..., I don't understand:then katalavaeno.


Buses are the main transportation in Greece. Throughout the country there is an intercity bus system and it's called KTEL. This bus system is a very efficient and possibly the most efficient way to travel. Also, the KTEL buses are commonly a green color. The buses travel almost anywhere throughout Greece. There are also taxis in the countries mainland and are not likely to be found on any of the islands. If it is possible I would strongly suggest to use and stick with the intercity bus system. It is the most reliable and efficient way of travel in and throughout Greece as I have already stated.


Greece has a mild climate or regular and typical Mediterranean weather. They have rainy winters and warm, dry summers. This means that they separate their seasons into two mains ones; summer and winter. Also, there is a dry and warm climate in Attiki (greater part of Athens) and a wet climate in the majority of Eastern Greece. I would suggest traveling to Greece in the summer and go to the area of Athens for a truly enjoyable experience.

Main Attractions

Greece has many tourist attractions, but, there are a couple that tend to raise above them all. Specifically, the super paradise beach Mykonos and the Parthenon. Mykonos is a very beautiful beach with crystalline waters and golden sand. It is at located at the foot of amazingly high cliffs and is an unforgettable view once seen. The Parthenon is a former temple that sits on a hilltop in Acropolis, Greece. This temple was dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena and was built at the peak of the Athenian Empires power. These are both two interesting and amazing attractions I suggest to visit when traveling to Greece.

Contact Information

If you are considering traveling to Greece and wish to contact me, my contact information is below. I hope you have a truly wonderful and amazing experience on your travels!