China's Culture

Gianna D, Lauren D, & Djellza Z

Culture Introduction

Culture was used in many different ways in a River Valley. People used it for celebrations, religion, beliefs, games, festivals, art, writing, and much more. Culture was an important part of a civilization. People would use culture to celebrate, let loose, and have fun. They celebrated many holidays and had many different traditions. Although, it was was almost always fun, there were still aspects of culture that affected their everyday life. There were five main reasons that culture was important. It had religion, writing, architecture, innovations, and achievements. Religion impacted the people of the River Valley’s daily lives, and what they did daily, it was also what people believed in, like in China they worshiped many gods. Some religions only worshiped one god, which is called monotheism others believed in many gods, which is called polytheism. Writing was the way business dealings were done and history was kept. Writing was also used by people with lots of leisure time. Architecture impacted the study of mathematics, science, and engineering for people, but it also helped make the River Valleys safe. Like, for instance the Great Wall of China protected the River Valley, and didn’t let people in. Innovations allowed for the creation of job specialization, and a wider gap between social classes. This means that the more creations people made, the more people were categorized, because there were many things that some others couldn’t get. The last reason is achievements, which paved the way for more complex economic and military systems. This means that the more they accomplished the more goals they could set for themselves, like conquering more land or making more money. The culture developments during the River Valley Civilizations made the largest impact on the people.

Religion Changed Ancient China's Everyday Life


Writing Changed Business and How History was Kept In China

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Architecture of Ancient China Impacted Knowledge

Architecture impacted the study of math, science, and engineering. This is how:

  • The Great Wall of China took 2,000 years to build, and had 30,000 men working on it. This shows that 30,000 men had to know the way the Great Wall had to be built and how to build it

  • The Grand Canal connected a series of waterways, and was about 1,200 miles long

  • Slaves used bamboo branches to build houses, or shelters, which showed that they learned how to build, even though when it would rain, they’d get wet

  • Rich people had people for them to build their wood and brick houses. This shows that the people that built the houses had to have a type of engineering study.

  • Paved roads are something else they made which takes skills to make like engineering.

Innovations of Ancient China

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Achievements of Ancient China


  • People made the Great Wall of China that was made between 221-206 BCE which was big because the wall provided protection and it provided transportation for trading.

  • The Grand Canal was made for transportation and troops to exit the Northern part of China and was made for trade.

  • Their noodles was a big achievement for the Chinese because it was a source of food that they could eat everyday and that tasted` good

  • Their Kung Fu was one of their best innovations because it is has been used for self-defense and has been used for thousands of years.

  • They had chopsticks for eating which was big for them because they would have to make wooden utensils that would take a while but chopsticks are easy to make.

Culture Conclusion

Culture impacted the lives of the people in the River Valley’s in five major ways. The five main ways culture impacted the River Valley Civilizations where religion, writing, architecture, innovations, achievements. Religion would control and determine some of the peoples daily activities. For example, they would celebrate and honor their gods with festivals. Writing, changed the way people recorded things and business was done, like their oracle bones. Architecture impacted their study of engineering, mathematics, and science. This means they knew how to build buildings and make their buildings using measurements. Innovations impacted the culture because it created a bigger gap between the social classes like how some people make more expensive items which can put them higher in their social class and some people make simple things can put them in a lower class because of the materials that innovation was made with. Achievements impacted culture because it created the way to have better economic and military systems. China’s Great Wall of China was one of their biggest achievements because it took so long to build and it is still here today and being used. The culture from the lives of the River Valley Civilization has impacted many people including the people from China. Culture impacted many people in the River Valley Civilization and even impacts people today.