6th Grade Outdoor Education

October 20, 2022

I am losing Chaperones - Please help! :-(

Chaperones NEEDED-We are so close!

We are still in need of more chaperones for the October Outdoor Education Week.

We need 2 half week MALE chaperones Weds to Fri - Oct 26 to Oct 28

And 1 more Full week MALE chaperone.

We also NEED 3 full time Chaperones, as we just lost a few due to Clearance issues and personal reasons.

Since we are so close to the trip - Chaperones will already need to be cleared as a district volunteer.

We need your help in order for Outdoor Ed to happen. Come spend a week in the beautiful Redwoods!

Email your availability here:

Erica Gilbert: egilbert@burlingameschools.org

Ingrid Gauthier: president@bis-pta.com

Chaperones Are NEEDED!

We need parents to chaperone both trips - We can not go without the required 1:7 ratio.

Expectations for Chaperones:

  • Cabin groups stay together and with an adult at all times.
  • Chaperone must be with students when students are in the cabins, except during cabin clean up.
  • Food is not allowed in cabins
  • Lights out is from 10:00pm to 7:00am.
  • Showers are closed during lights out time (this includes adults).
  • Cabins should remain quiet until 7:00am out of respect for other campers.

Money & Permission Slip are Past Due. Please turn in NOW!

If students are not registered at the Camp link by Friday, 10/21, they will not be allowed to go to camp on Monday. Please register your student today! Check the camp list below. If your child's name is NOT on this list, you need to register.

Students Registered...But Need Waiver Signed

Students that still need Waiver Signed: Log-in to Complete Registration

Lucas Henrique Bragantini Costa

Elliott Covalesky

Elliana DeMicheleLucas

Michael Edelman (Chaperone)

Kareem Elshenawy

Paxton Haney

Madison Hicks

Luna Johnstone

Semi Kasimoglu

Beomjun Koh

Lucianna Maza

Katelyn Middleton

Guillermo Sanchez

Kimberly Vega

Teddy Wang

Students Registered and cleared to go.

Violet Appleton

Camila Arreola

Xinyan Biao

Arthur Broome

Jack Cannon

Xander Caspi

Noemi Castano

George Chatalbashev

Elsa ChavezZuniga

Chloe Chew

Kylie Cianci

Megan Clendenin

Thomas Clifford

Sophie Colvin

Anne Cong

Lucas Crespo

Julia Curtis

Mila DanaeiBoroumand

Oliver Davis

Emma DeLaurentis

Emilia Edelman

Ayla Einhorn

Jacob Fellner

Jake Feuchtwang

Bennett Finney

Allison Fisher

Jonathan Foo

Revell Garner

Sienna Geheran

Grant Goldstein

Daniel Guo

Jack Hamilton

Avalon Harbin

Cort Harbin

Kenneth Herrera Sampson

Kira Herro

Henry Hopkins

Olivia Huang

Claire Hwang

Tomasz Indyk

Luc Karim

Eliot Kline

Jordan Kofeloa

Dario Kofeloa

Leela Krishnan

Elise Laxague

andrew liang

Sophia LIU

Lillian Lockyer

Cameron MacMillan

Alexis Mah

Haruki Miyamoto

Allison O'Leary

Gianluca Ojeda

Ryan Peterson

Ryan Prakash

Connor Putnam

Ashley Rivera Hernandez

Alvaro Rodas

Lucas Sandell

Aubrey Sauer

Elsa Scimeca

Mason Scofield

Garrett Shen

Amaya Sole

Hudson Stadtlander

Mia Stenzel

Andrew Su

Naya Sundar

Isabella Tay

Anabelle Terry

Camren Tom

Angel Toxcon

Ashley Vasquez Rivas

Logan Waaland

Maxwell Webb

Chase Wong

Ella Wright

Chaperones need to register themselves too!

Chaperones Already Registered

Edna Alvarado

Sione Kofeloa

Nina Sundar

Aaron Keesler

Chris Milks

Christina Geheran

Iliana Ryan

Jocelyn Tu

Kristel Teng

Mike Edelman

Thu Phan

October Link for Alliance Redwoods

All parents/guardians must register their students using the following camp registration link. Please do this first! You MUST complete this step before moving on to the next step.

  • Step 1: Click on this link.

  • Step 2: Create an account. An authentication/verification link will be sent to your email.

  • Step 3: Open your email and follow the link. Finish setting up your account, then begin registration.

  • Step 4: Please complete required fields and sign electronically (paperless process).

All guests must register using this plan.camp registration link; https://tinyurl.com/15223BurlingameIntermediateG2 . This link includes emergency contact information and our medical and liability waiver forms.
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