Exciting News!

Yet another new way of communicating :)

Mrs. K.'s Smore Account

Well hello families! I am continually doing research on ways to keep you all involved and, with the help of my amazing mentor, think I have officially come across a site that can do EVERTYHING!

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Why use Smore instead of email?

I will spare you a lot of the technological details but Smore allows me to send videos (which email does not). I am hoping you will enjoy a student lead video newsletter as well as other videos of different and exciting things happening in our classroom.

My goal is for the videos to be student lead explanations (through various apps I have access to) of certain Math concepts or other things we are working on.

Also, as you can see, you do not have to open anything to read any updates but it fills right in the body of your email. Just simply click on the video to view! Give it a try below :)

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