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Where you find non-cyber-safe ways of buying music

Artist we have

~ZZ Top

~Def Leopard


~Black Veiled Brides (BVB)

~Blood On The Dance Floor (BOTDF)

~Green Day

~Falling In Reverse

~Maroon 5

~Blink 182

~My Chemical Romance

~And many more!

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-Now think, do you trust this? Is it safe?-

Guaranteed to take all the money from your checking account

Why am I scamming you?

Well, this isn't the first time this has happened. Ads like this are a daily thing on the internet. People want your money, because money means 'power'. When these pages, websites or offers come up, it's hard to tell from an untrained eye. This will help you see when people are trying to get into your personal information. This could really help you in the long run .

What to look for

Normally these hackers try to get something personal and important; like your mother's maiden name, credit or debit card number, or anything related to that kind of stuff. Also, their IP address isn't signed by a trusted third party that the two of you agree with. If it is privately signed for, there might be a problem. I would suggest that you meet up with the other party if possible and try and make a face to face agreement. That way you could potentially see any charges to your information and help prevent the other party from getting any information that they don't need to know.

Use a third party!