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Business debt can come about very easily. A few slow months and all of a sudden the debt is a long way beyond the reach of the company owner. If you have company debts that are out of control then give us a call. At Liquidators-Bunbury we are business debt specialists. For a completely free consultation call Liquidators Bunbury on 1300 795 575.

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Running a cafeteria is chaotic and backbreaking work, but I have a passion for food and have been in the for most of my life. It was tough to understand where exactly it all went pair shaped, but one day my accountant told me we are five quarters behind on our BAS payments and that we owed the tax office over $150,000. To make matters much worse, we were in a payment plan with them, but it was getting harder to make those payments. Things seemed to be OK in the bistro, but I guess the numbers weren’t working. I wasn’t sure what my alternatives were, so I called Bankruptcy Experts and they were amazing. Immediately they walked me through what I could and couldn’t do to get back on my feet. If you have some considerable debts, then definitely give them a call.

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