What is Titan

Titan is a moon of saturn and it is actually one of the biggest moons in our solar system. Out of all the moons Titan ranks the senond largest, Ganymede (a moon of Jupitar) is the biggest. Titan on the other hand is the Saturn's moons. I think this moon is more of a planet. My reason for this is it shares a lot of similaritys with Earth.


Characteristics of Titan

Titan shares many characteristics with earth such as clouds, mountains, and lakes. Diameter of Titan is roughly 3,200 miles when the planet Mercury's diameter is 3,032 miles. which obviously makes Titan bigger than a planet. Titan also has a thick and hazey atmosphere is about 60 percent denser than Earths. Another thing about Titans atmosphere is that its made up of nitrogen and methane. The surface temperature is about -289 degrees F. Some scientists beleive that there is some sort life on Titan.
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Discovery of Titan

Titan was discovered a very long time ago. It was discorered in the year 1655 by a Dutch Astronomer named Chistiaan Huygens. He was inspired by Galileo's discovery of jupiter's largest moons and started building his own telescopes. Titan wasn't officially named until 1847 by John Herschel.
Take a Trip to Titan!
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