Seeking 1BD Newport Condo-Feb 2015

Quiet and Clean! Single Mother & Son Seeking Private Rental

About Us...

I am a single mother, a working professional who is trying desperately to remain in Newport Beach. I moved my son here in 2008, when the housing market crash happened. At that time, rents were affordable and we were able to relocate here from a neighboring city that we never felt at home in. Now, Newport Beach has been home for five years and the thought of having to move to a place like Anaheim or Garden Grove where rents are affordable is, for the lack of a better term, chilling.

My current work is only three miles away and my son's college is about five miles away. We LOVE where we are, the clean air, the nice breeze, but we find that it will be beyond our reach once our lease is up the end of January, 2015. Yes, 2015, this is not a typographical error.

As you can see, I am a planner. I am writing this ad in hopes that a private homeowner may read this and want to help us out.

We are recipients of the HUD Voucher program. Currently, we can rent a one-bedroom apartment for up to $1423. This rental amount, referred to by the OCHA as the "Payment Standard" for this area, is the maximum amount that we can rent. That said, this payment standard changes every October 1st. There is no way to tell what the standard will be come next October, only time will tell.

We will be seeking a one-bedroom dwelling when this lease is up--namely, because my son will be graduating school and moving out in a couple years and well, I don't want to move again. So, we're willing to move into a smaller space to save grief, time and money. Ideally, we'd love something with a loft or den, giving my son at least a little private space he could call his own.

In checking with HUD, a floor plan with loft/den would still be considered a one-bedroom unit.

As you can see, I am a long-term tenant. We have been in the same location since 2008. I am meticulous in the way I care for my home and have also been a watchful neighborhood eye for the property management. We are both quiet as a mouse, gone quite a bit for school and work and always on time with our rent.

It is my hope that a loving and caring private condo/cottage owner might read this and is looking for his dream long-term tenant who will be low maintenance and a pleasure to rent to.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Your Future Tenants