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Death of the President of the United States April 14, 1865

Summary of Abraham Lincoln Incident

The night of April 14, 1865 a man name John Wilkes Booth, a confederate conspirator had assassinated President Lincoln. It started that Lincoln was going to a play at Ford's Theatre. John Wilkes Booth knew about the news so he decided to use the play as his cover. He sneaked around the theatre and found the President's box. In the President's box was Lincoln, Lincoln's wife, his 2 guests Henry Rathbone, and Clara Harris. Booth had shot the President, he got away by jumping out the President's box. The President was moved to the Peterson house to save his life. The next morning April 15, 1865 Abraham Lincoln died of a gun shot wound.

Booth's Failure

John Wilkes Booth's Failure

John Wilkes Booth got what he wanted, when he killed Abraham Lincoln. However, he didn't prove his worthy. Also he didn't inspire the south to fight on, prolong the civil war, or win the battles the confederate armies lost. Lastly, Booth didn't undo the Emancipation Proclamation and revive slavery. Finally, this is why I believe Booth was a failure.

The Washington Post

April 14, 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre at 10:00 PM. He was shot by his assassin John Wilkes Booth and he got away that night. The President was moved to the Peterson house. The morning of April 15, 1865 Lincoln passed away in his bed in peace. We are sad and shocked to hear about the sad news that happened in our nation.

Lincoln Documentary

In this video It talks about Abraham Lincoln's assassination that happened on April 14, 1865. Also all about Lincoln's presidential and about John Wilkes Booth.
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