Rafaello Sanzio da Urbino-Raphael

By Jake Hall

Vision of a Knight

It was created in 1504. The painting is hung in the National Gallery in London. Shown in this painting is a knight just laying on the ground, resting on a saddle. On one side of him is a younger looking girl holding a flower. The woman on the other side of him is holding a sword and a Bible. "The sleeping knight may be intended to represent the Roman hero Scipio Africanus (236-184 BC) who was presented in a dream with a choice between Virtue (behind whom is a steep and rocky path) and Pleasure (in loser robes)." (www.nationalgallery.org.uk) This painting is most closely linked to humanism because the people shown are accurate to real life and are shown in real situations.

Raphael the Painter and Architect

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