Personal Learning Network Plan

PLN by Ashley Price

Summary and Personal Connection

For my explorations of PLNs, I joined twitter and Pinterest. My intension was to locate networks that pertain to and would be beneficial to my area of teaching. I teach exceptional children and at risk students who struggle mostly in different areas of reading. I have students with ADHD, Dyslexia, and other disabilitities that cause reading difficulties. I am also at a disadvantage of being the only EC or reading specialist in my school. As I was evaluating PLNs I focused on networks with other professionals in these areas. After many, many sites I kept being brought back to Twitter. I finally gave in and created an account. What I found was hours of information, articles, ideas, and expertise from all over the world. WOW, I was blown away. The other PLN, which I was already a member, I had never used to collaborate or follow others. Pintrest is even more useful than I thought. I already use it to find recipes, craft ideas, as well as activities for school. Pintrest has become a great PLN for me professionally and personally.


Short Term

My short term goal with Twitter is to increase my knowledge and expertise of dyslexia, ADHD, and other disabilities. This will help me meet the needs of my students more efficiently and effectively. I would like to use Pinterest to find more researched based activities and interventions to aid in increasing the outcome of reading abilities with my students.

Long term

The awareness and access to resources from students with disabilities is plentiful. However, with the everyday stress of teaching many classroom teachers need easier access and more knowledge to help all students. My long term goal is to develop a way to effectively share and connect with the teachers at my school. Becoming an active member of certain PLNs I will increase my knowledge and ,in return, can share with colleagues.

Social Networks

Social Networks are the base of PLNs. I am a member of a few and have found them rewarding and educational. Through the social networks, not only can you read articles and suggestions, you have access to the materials you need. Anyone can collaborate with others in their field or with the expertise needed for any topic you are interested in.

I like

  • Twitter
  • Pinteret
  • Facebook
  • Teachers Pay Teachers