Tt Godlove, Scarlet Walker, and Matthew Hylemon

Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson was a very important female leader in the Puritan colony. She was a wife, mother, poet, and a religious leader.“She stressed the individual's relationship with God as opposed to reliance upon ministers.”, a quote from an article about Anne Hutchinson. She was a major religious leader. She found it odd that people themselves couldn’t have a relationship with God/The lord himself. She thought that people shouldn’t have to go through minister to have your own relationship with God. So, she was kicked out of the Puritan group because of her belief, but so many people agreed with her idea of a personal relationship that most of the Puritan group left with her. But along with being a religious leader she was also a poet. “Anne’s poems told the stories of her everyday Puritan life. She was a mother and wife, but she still had time for her poetry.” She wrote about her everyday life being a Puritan woman.Puritan women didn’t do much on their own.They cleaned, they cared for the children, cooked for the men. So they didn’t have much to do, but Anne had a lot to say. She wasn’t educated past primary school, but she was self taught. She wrote more about how she felt about her society than she did about herself. In conclusion, Anne Hutchinson was a very important person in the Puritans history. Personally, I think she is the most important, but that’s just me.
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Religious beliefs

The puritans had a religion very central around faith. They built their lives and society around that faith, as it was a big part of both their communities and lives. Everything, from the may they acted, dressed, and otherwise went about their lives, stuck to their faith. They also sought to reform the catholic church, not satisfied with the protestant reformation’s progress. They were generally members of the church, however, seeking to reform it from within, by influencing it. This shows just how much they focused on their faith as well as spreading it.
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Puritans highly valued education in their society. They believed that satan kept those who were unable to read from the scriptures. They made sure that all knew how to read, especially the bible, as well as write. Though men went on to get better educations than women. While both had an education to a certain point, eventually, men would go on to get, higher, more formal educations. Women, however eventually had to learn to cook, care for children, and otherwise work around the house, instead of pursuing that higher education. This shows how their educational system was built and how it set the roles for both men and women.
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