Rise of the Aztecs

What type of did the Aztecs build

Aztecs houses were made up of bricks .Some of the homes had flat roofs,while others have pointed roofs.A typical house would be 50 to 82 square foot in size .Houses built on platforms were usually about 15.75 inches off the ground.The inside walls were made of Lime-plaster , roofs were often made with straw,and floors were made of earth or even stones.The Aztecs also built pyramids,they built them by using earth and wood , mostly in the 14th century.They built steps up to the top of the pyramid.

How many people settled in Tenochtitlan

Aztecs had about 35,000and 75,000 population wise.There might have been 100,000 people if nearby cities and towns on the mainland are included .Right now, a population of 50,000 for the city proper seems almost reasonable .Yet the population estimate of 500,000 people living in 5.4 square miles would have a density of about 96,000 people per square mile .


Aztec Houses

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