Nike Zooms

4th period PreAP ELA

What the commercial is about

Our commercial was about Nike's product the Nike Zooms. This commercial was claiming that the Nike Zooms make you run faster.

What is the technique

Faulty Reasoning is used in this commercial. Faulty Reasoning is when the facts don't support the conclusion. The facts in commercial state that the Zooms will make you run faster, when they really don't.

Pictures of the Zooms

How this commercial made us feel

Our feelings towards this commercial

The commercial did not make Kynadi or Taco want to buy this product. The commercial claims facts that aren't true. This commercial did make Miguel want to buy this product, because he wanted to test out this product.

How it would affect an audience

It was an intersecting commercial and caught the audiences attention, but most likely would not make them want to buy the product. The commercial advertised that it would make you run faster, but you wouldn't know that for a fact.