Former Post-Bac UCSF Med Student Panel

Thursday, March 20th 2014 at 5:30-7pm

San Francisco State University, Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Hensill Hall, RM 543

Former Post-Bac UCSF Med Student Panel

Two former post-bac students, Andre Cote (former AET) and Nate Cade (former CCT) have graciously given up their study time to answer your pressing questions about transitioning from the post-bac program to UCSF, a top five medical school. Nate and Andre will briefly talk about their personal experiences and then we will open it up to student questions for the rest of the event. A little about our former post-bacs:

Andre Cote

Andre is a 2nd year medical student at UCSF. He is a former AET at SF State - Cohort A. Andre started the Health Professions Post-bac MCAT review course at SF State. He is a proud owner of a 2.9 undergrad GPA before entering a top 5 medical school and considers himself an amateur medical school admissions advisor. He is considered by some to be the greatest AET who ever lived.

Nate Cade

Nate is a 1st year medical student at UCSF. He grew up in Northern California and went to Whitman college in easter Washington state. After college he pursued environmental education and classroom teaching for several years before deciding to apply to medical school. During the later half of his post-bac at SFSU, Nate worked in medical management at the San Francisco Health Plan where he learned about health policy and population health management in the safety net. His interests include family and community medicine, public health, narrative medicine, cycling, coffee, beer, and pizza.
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